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Sewing Machine Question


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Hey everyone,


There are so many talented people here, I'm hoping someone knows a thing or two about sewing machines.;)


I'd like to get some opinions on heavy-duty or industrial sewing machines. I've been wanting one for a while. Something that can do thick vegetable-tanned leather, or, um, a yoga mat. The antique treadle style machines are intriguing, and also the slightly newer hand crank versions. Assuming they're in good working order, are they capable of some heavy-duty materials?


I have a few upholstery projects I'd like to start - boat and camper van, and would like to make another plague doctor. That involved punching each hole by hand with an awl - tedious, but not terrible just a mask. Same with my E-11 holster. My little Montgomery Ward machine just laughed at me, got the needle stuck halfway in the material, and I'm pretty sure it balled up the thread on the bobbin mechanism out of spite. Even though it didn't even complete a single stitch.


If the vintage machines aren't up to the task, what would be the best? Budget is around $300 but would be willing to spend more. I'm assuming that new is totally out of my league and am willing to wait for something to crop up on Ebay/Craigslist.  



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Not necessarily out of your league.

These ones claim to do heavier fabrics and some come in less than $400 new (Canadian)


If you aren't desperate, wait a month or two, squirrel away more money and treat yourself. Properly maintained they will last a lifetime.


Google is your friend... :)



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