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  1. IMHO its an ASP baton or a knock-off. As for the baton being round or square, I would think that engineering a telescoping square baton would be difficult and why bother when there is already a reliable and effective telescoping round baton (The ASP) available in a variety of sizes and colors. As with so many other props for Rogue One, the prop masters have opted for already existing items rather than making most stuff from scratch. I am confident that the TK's in Rogue One used the ASP baton or a knock off of it. Jyn's telescoping tonfa is a different matter entirely, possibly based on this: https://www.karatemart.com/collapsible-nightstick Just my 2cents
  2. Looks like the ASP baton in the nylon holster like previously mentioned to me.
  3. Big Deal, I agree and I have seen a couple of people’s pictures where they have modified a HFX E-11 but none where they cut the rail off. I think I will be building a doopydoos in the future but I wanted a nice rubber gun in the interim. Ok guys, before I get to the juicy stuff, I will give some smaller updates. First, I have been gathering stuff for the Jedah backpack. Currently I have: LC-2 Large Alice Field Pack M75 Swedish Pack Frame LC-2 Shoulder Straps Norwegian Grenade Box Shelter Half ¼” Black Latex Surgical Tubing RAF Quick Disconnect I still have the buckles and webbing on order so I will begin to build the backpack sometime in the future. Also, my HFX Rogue One E11 arrived. It’s a B grade but good enough for trooping. And now the juicy stuff… BBB Day!!! Well FedEx tried to deliver it but I was at work so I had to go pick it up at the FedEx center. Anyway, I got it and looked over everything. Jim did a good job on packing it all. Everything is here and I do not see any damage at all. The only issue I have is the back plate that has the additional cutout on the left side but this is easy to fix. So my first impressions are: Damn this is a lot of work, where to start…. Lots of the armor parts look big, like the thighs are huge on me so I will need to do a fair bit of fitting. The undersuit fits well. I have no idea how to tell the difference between the left and right on most of the parts. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. So that is everything at this time… Thanks for the interest.
  4. Bradberry00, I do not know if you offering the buckles in general or if you were directing your post to me. In any case thanks for the offer but I have already ordered mine. Ok guys, thanks to Mr. Paul, I ordered what Coleman’s is calling a Swedish Military 35L Backpack W/Frame at the same time I ordered my Norweigan Military Storage Box. What I got is “I think” a M75 frame? You tell me??? If it is a M75 then I ScoredJ Also in my quest to locate NGK floatmaster I ran across this if anyone is really desperate for a fishing pole and anything will do. Well, it is a Star Wars fishing pole… Anyway, I did post a link previously of where I did locate a US seller of NGKs and once it comes in I will update you all. Also, as promised, the OD green LC-2 shoulder straps came in and they are the correct LC-2 shoulder straps. Here is a picture with them next to the more common woodland pattern LC-2 shoulder straps. I also posted the link of where to order these OD shoulder straps from in the US in a previous post. I will be documenting my build in my ROTK build thread here
  5. KABOOM, or at least I hope this is correct. Just found the NGT Floatmaster 12' selling in the US. Only 8 left in stock after I ordered one for me. https://www.bigcarptackle.com/rods-reels/rods/carp-rods/ngt-floatmaster-12ft-3pc-float-match-rod
  6. Anyone find a source for the brass ladder lock slide buckles in the US?Anyone find a source for the brass ladder lock slide buckles in the US?
  7. Hello guys, I know I am coming late to this party but I noticed that several people have asked some questions about the US ALICE equipment, so I thought I would share this information with you all. If it has been posted elsewhere I apologies for the additional post. First, after wearing the large ALICE pack for 20 of my 24 years of service I believe the following information is correct: The shoulder straps on the Rogue One Jedha pack are the LC-2 ALICE straps. There are three versions of the ALICE pack shoulder straps. In this picture you can see the three versions. Left is the original ALICE strap note the two 1” nylon straps sewn into a “v” at the top and padding for the full length of the front of the strap. In the middle is the ALICE LC-1 strap. Note the quick detach is present on both shoulder straps and the padding is only on the top portion of the front strap. Lastly, on the right is the LC-2 strap (in woodland camouflage pattern). Note the full length padding and the horizontal 1” nylon strap just above the top metal slide lock buckle. Many people have only been able to locate the LC-2 straps in woodland camouflage but I can confirm that they did make an olive green versions as well, here is a picture. I believe the Army was transitioning to making all the field gear in woodland camouflage at this time so there was a very limited supply of the OD straps. Before anyone asks, I have ordered a set from the link below and the picture shows the correct LC-2 straps in OD green but I will not know if I actually get what is pictured until it arrives. I can post more once they arrive. https://www.armysurplusworld.com/new-usa-gi-alice-pack-straps Next, the pack is in fact a LC-2 Large ALICE field pack. There is very little differences between the LC-1 and LC-2 large pack and most improvements were in the frame, shoulder straps, and kidney pad; however, late models of the LC-2 started to incorporate plastic side release buckles on the two main straps and where more common in woodland camouflage just before the MOLLE transition. Another small detail between the LC-1 and LC-2 were the three magazine pouches above the three larger exterior pouches. The LC-1 pouches are slightly smaller for 20 round M-16 magazines and the LC-2 had slightly taller pouches for 30 round M-16 magazines. I believe all the nylon webbing on the sides are the same between the LC-1 and LC-2. So, most likely if you can find a large OD ALICE pack, it should not matter if it is LC-1 or LC-2 since the magazine pouches will be covered. Now the difference between a large and medium ALICE pack are very easy to notice. The Large Alice pack has a larger center bottom exterior pouch and there are three M-16 magazine pouches above the three exterior bottom pouches. The medium ALICE pack does not have the three M-16 magazine pouches and instead has a row of 2 ¼” webbing above the three bottom exterior pouches and all three of the exterior pouches are the same size. Obviously the medium pack is overall smaller than the large. There was a small ALICE field pack as well but it is very small (think school back pack) so there should be no confusion with it. This is a picture of a large (left) LC-2 ALICE field pack and a medium (right) LC-2 ALICE field pack. Note the magazine pouches and larger center exterior pouch on the large. So I think most of the other parts have been identified and sourced. One last thing I will note is that I believe that the top canvas is in fact a US military shelter half (possibly rolled around a wool blanket and I will also provide some information on the webbing straps. There are several military standards of webbing weave, however most strapping is 17337 or 43668, see the picture below. I believe the straps used on the top canvas roll are 43668. And that is the information I wanted to share with you all. I hope this helps someone and alleviates some confusion.
  8. Hey guys, I have been doing my research for building my ROTK and I have a few questions regarding L3 CRLs. First, for the undersuit The armpit area shall have the correct hexogonal mesh detail. Can someone point me to the source of this? A picture or whatever. I have ordered Jim’s undersuit and I need to understand what I will need to do to modify it for L3. Next, the Belt The ammo boxes across the front are all made separately from the main belt and are secured to it. The ammo boxes on the very left and right of the belt are more square instead of rectangular like the center ammo boxes, and the 2nd to last ammo box is a more fat rectangular shape versus the regular rectangular shape of the center boxes. Again, can someone point me towards the source for these? I have ordered Jim’s armor and I need to understand what I will need to modify. All the pictures I have found seem to show that the ammo boxes are all one piece with the belt. I have also ordered Jim’s helmet and the only issue I think I may have is the number of ear bumps. It looks like his has 5 and the CRL says “Ear bars have four bumps only”. I assume everything else (as long as constructed correctly) will pass L3? If there are other known mods that I will need to do please let me know. Obviously, I will be seeking L1 approval but if I can achieve L3, I want to pursue it. Thanks in advance. Jeff
  9. Reese, I am sorry I have not seen this before now and I assume you have already solved this but if not. Most Mandalorians use Sintra to make armor. It is a PVC foam board that can be cut, sanded, glued, painted, and even heated with a heat gun and shaped. It comes in sheets of various thickness 3mm, 6mm, etc... The great news is that Sintra goes by a ton of different names and you can find it at most Home Depots in the siding section. Example https://www.homedepot.com/p/Palight-ProjectPVC-18-in-x-24-in-x-0-118-in-Foam-PVC-White-Sheet-156247/205853884 I would think this would work nicely for the cover strips that need to be beveled.
  10. Ted you convinced me to go the way of rubber guns. I will be ordering an HFX Rogue One E11 as soon as they reply to my message. I would prefer a more functional gun but I will see what I can do with the rubber one. Perhaps later I will build a metal gun, but I ma hoping to have everything in order for approval before DragonCon so I can troop one day as a TK and another day as a Mando.
  11. Big Deal, thanks. I also just ordered the boots and gloves from IB. How did you paint your kit?
  12. Ted, thank you for the information. I will look at some of the rubber gun options but I am not concerned about the weight for trooping. Serving 24 years in the army has prepared me for carrying a heavy gun for extended periods of time. My Mando sniper rifle is based on an airsoft FAMAS F1 and it weights almost as much as my M4 did
  13. Hello everyone, So I have been an official member of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club (MMCC #2001) since January 31st 2018. I live in Atlanta and have attended almost every DragonCon since the very first DragonCon in 1987. I have always wanted to do a TK build but never made the leap until now. I chose the RO TK because I loved the film and I prefer the look of the ROTKs. That said, this is my build thread and welcome all the suggestions and recommendations you guys can provide. White Armor is new to me and yes I have built a Mando but with mando armor, we have a lot of leeway in how we build our kits. This is not the case with a TK build and my end goal is level 3 501st, centurion here on FISD. For an idea of what I have done so far, here is my Mando kit form the Atlanta 2018 Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. If you are interested in the Mando build here is the link: http://mandalorianmercs.org/forum/index.php?topic=144162.0 And so it begins… Today I placed my order for a Jimmiroquai full kit (Armor, helmet, undersuit) and paid 40% down. I will most likely make some modifications that have been posted here with the armor but I need to see what I am getting into first. So, until the armor arrives, I cannot say what level of modification I will be doing. Recommendations and suggestions welcome. Other items I am sure I need are: Boots- considering Imperial Boots T7 (recommendations and suggestions needed????) I prefer comfortable boots, Im old and my feet hurt. Gloves- considering Imperial Boots Anthology Trooper Gloves (recommendations and suggestions needed????) E11 Blaster- Considering the S&T Full /Metal E11 Sterling. I plan on modifying the scope with this 1943 M38 replica. I know that the primary scope used in RO is the 1942 variant but I cannot find a metal replica of it and from what I have read, there were some 1943s used in RO. I do not want a resin replica and finding an actual one is way too expensive. Perhaps I can modify this replica to look like the 1943 version. I will also need to remove the scope rail off this E11 and fabricate a new one. I will need to evaluate the flashlight, rail, counter, and power cells to determine what is correct and what needs to be replaced or modified. I will also need to add new T-tracks I think. I did a cost comparison and buying all the parts and a base sterling vs buying this E11 replica and modifying it with parts and going this route will save me about 200.00; however I am interested in what you guys have to say about this. I already have helmet fans but I am also considering a voice changer system, recommendations welcome. So for you guys who have built this kit, please chime in. Also, what type of paint and clear cote did you guys use? I can use rattle cans, airbrush, and automotive paints and I am outfitted for all but I need to hear from you all to make a decision. So that is my plan as of now. I look forward to y’alls comments.
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