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  1. Many thanks for the comments and advise. Yes, definitely some issues with walking. Am considering trimming the knee region as well as the upper calf area. Hope that won't affect approval though. And yes the right forearm cover strip is protruding out I noticed. Guess will have to trim that out.
  2. Just trying the Imgur as suggested to see if it works.
  3. Am having problems attaching the rest of the images as the max limit is just at 180 kB. Any ideas on how to add more images? Many thanks.
  4. 1. First/last name: YL Tan 2. Future Garrison/Squad/Outpost or local area: Malaysia (hopefully approvable) 3. Armor maker: Anovos 4. Helmet maker: Anovos 5. Cloth belt maker: Anovos 6. Neck seal maker: Self made 7. Boot maker: TK Boots 9. Blaster maker (if applicable): Blaster master (not shown here) 10. Gasket maker (if applicable): N/A 11. Height (optional): 173 cm 12. Weight (optional): 75 kg 13. TK type (ANH Stunt/Hero. ESB, ROTJ. TFA etc.): ANH Stunt 14. Name(s) of any Trooper(s) who significantly helped with your build: ukswrath (brilliant tutorial), ANOVOS FB group, FISD and its members
  5. Hi all, as a newbie here and have been reading through almost all prior comments etc I just have several questions. <br> A) Is it an automatic rejection for 501st approval if one were to say buy a kit not from the recommended list including possible recaster?<br> If the above is true then is this written somewhere on the 501st Legion's website?<br> C) If one were to fix even a possible recast to almost screen accurate, then doesn't that at least warrant a basic approval if at all centurion or EIB is declined. <br> Just trying to find out more about the ever confusing discussion on kits. It does seem to be industry driven to ensure individuals buying only from the recommended list. <br> Hope to hear some comments or answers to shed some light (of course with backed up evidence and confirmation).
  6. Many thanks for the kind words. Don't think so will be able to join the local Malaysian Garrison. They won't approve of where I have purchase my TK kit unfortunately (TKUK) as experienced by some other countryman of mine. I am quite surprise as in the 501st Basic Approval, nothing is mentioned on the branding of kits. It is somehow sad that charity is somehow industry driven. <br><br> Looks like a pretty good start. Check out your local Garrison and talk to the GML if you are looking to join the and 501st. If they have anything you need to fix/adjust we can help you out.<br><br> Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  7. Hi Nabil, I too am a TKUK Armour newbie. Cheers mate.
  8. Dear All, Greetings. I am a newbie from Malaysia and had just recently purchased and build my very own TK armour (prior to knowing there exist such a huge storm trooper community). It has always been somehow a dream to imagine myself in one of these costume. Just would like to introduce myself and to share some pics of my build and am most happy to receive constructive comments. Many thanks. Kind regards, Orcastyl.
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