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  1. If you haven't already heard, the prop manufacturer Anovos is finally being held accountable for their lack of item delivery and severe lack of refunds for unsatisfied clientele. While some have taken Anovos by class action lawsuit for fraud, I have created a petition specifically for people (such as myself) who have been negatively effected by Anovos. I created it for people that Anovos owe more than just costumes, and money; but time. Time we will never get back. Anovos may not be legally bound by this petition, but they do have eyes and ears. My petition is going straight to the top, and the traction has begun. If you have been negatively effected by the fraudulent activities of Anovos then drop your initials in the link below. One voice, one mind, one goal. http://chng.it/N2M2JSNgVf
  2. Kris! We Red Deer troopers have to stick together, don’t ever hesitate to message Mathew or myself. We attended the Family Fest with you a couple of weeks ago
  3. TK-99111 Requesting 501st clearance level https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=26229
  4. How exciting! I built my first TK Stunt back in 2017, and then I rebuilt my brothers botched TK for him over the new year. Feel free to ask lots of questions so that you can hopefully avoid some of the mistakes we made! Or at least the ones that I made haha!
  5. I know it is different than the traditional holster, I was under the impression that the blaster would slide into that raised piece on the leg.
  6. Oh really? But the blaster does fit in the leg holster?
  7. That is awesome! It sounds like Heston’s blasters are probably the way to go for now, they offer a pretty legitimate price. I did message message the owner regarding the holster slide though. He told me that the blasters are NOT compatible with the FO Stormtrooper leg holster. Are there any links on here or elsewhere that discuss how you can modify the leg holster slide to accommodate a blaster?
  8. Ohh so the blasters come printed in their colours? They don’t require any painting do they?
  9. That’s awesome! A couple of screws is no problem. Do the blasters come painted??
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