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  1. Awesome Thanks!!!! I can get the brow up slightly higher with no major mods. The clips still have me worried. The second back hole is very hard to get at, where as some of the reference pics it's further out and more accessible.
  2. Good Day, Can anyone comment on the TD clips and brow height as posted above?
  3. Thanks everyone for the tips and suggestions. Just a small update for today. Picked up some shop supplies. - A decent 4" belt sander - Chicago screws assortment set for doing my helmet visor upgrade - 1.5" velcro discs for helmet attachments down the road. Getting things gathered for the TD Paint I picked up for the TD Unsure if these clips are right? All the reference pics look different. Thoughts??? Just a quick bolt together, brow still too low for Stunt? or is it passable? Kinda like it the way it is. Comments and suggestions welcome! Kris
  4. So I've decided to start with the helmet and TD. I was gathering research and notes last night. I think it will be easier to tackle and focus on 1 or 2 items at a time and hopefully not get too overwhelmed. I'm still gathering some supplies, and I'm going to layout and label all the bits and pieces tonight. Helmet Notes/Plans - Helmet is pre-trimmed from AP, I've done a rough alignment of the pre-drilled holes and ear pieces and it looks good. I have the reference photo that shows the proper angles in relation to the screws ect. I'll post a pic prior to doing anything when I'm ready. - I'm going to mount visor similar to SlyFox740's method. Chicago screws ordered and I'm searching for a new visor replacement. Going to E-6000 plates rather than Plastiweld. - I'm going to Plastidip the inside black. TD Notes/Plans - Cut to size and paint tube - angle/round corners of clips, flare them out and add fuzzy velcro Some pre-build questions For the helmet, do most pop rivet the 2 helmet sections together? 1/8" x ??? rivet size? For the TD what is the proper color for the tube? I searched and only found 1 reference to a Testor color that is not available at my local hobby shop. I did pick up some Gun Ship Metal in Tamiya brand which was the closest cross-over they had. Oh, and I picked up some 6-32 Pan screws for the TD. These look right? Anyways, slowly getting started.... baby steps.. lol
  5. BBB Day!!!!! Arrived a week early too! Myself, Ben and Luke had to try on the helmet!!!! So excited!!!! Now my biggest fear... building it! Be prepared for stupid questions i'm sure y'all have answered a hundred of times! Kris
  6. Got notice for full payment. My armor will be shipping next week! So excited yet scared for my build.
  7. Surface mount shouldn't be a problem. Just received my microphone order from Adafruit. Kris
  8. This is awesome. I'm awaiting my BBB and would like to give this a whirl. Do you have a complete BOM to build this? I already have a few nanos, and I think some dfplayers (possibly clones). Is the PCB board available on OSH Park? I searched but it didn't pop up. Any help/guidance appreciated. Kris
  9. Neck seal came in today... I've been wearing it around the house just because.... lol Looking for tips/trick for any tools/supplies that may help my build go smoother once my armor arrives... I am browsing the posted lists as well. Cheers!
  10. Hey All! Figured I would start my build thread. I'm still waiting on my kit but wanted to set this up for when I get going. Armor : Authentic Props Received - 07/17/19 Soft Hand Guards : Authentic Props Received - 07/17/19 TD Clips : Authentic Props Received - 07/17/19 Holster : Authentic Props Received - 07/17/19 Gloves : Authentic Props Received - 07/17/19 Canvas Belt : Authentic Props Received - 07/17/19 S-Trim : Trooperbay - Order Pending Neck Seal : Geeky Pink's - Received Undersuit : Ebay - Recieved Boots : Funtasma Size 14D (Amazon) - Received Hardware: Stormtrooper Bracket Set (MrNoStripes) - Received E-11 Blaster : DoopyDoo - Received, 50% Complete, Ongoing Fans: Ebay - Received, Built /Functioning 100% Comms: Troopduino - Received - Built/Functioning 100% Supplies Humbrol Paints #5, 14, 85 - Received ABS Scissors - Received E-6000 Glue - Received Magnets - Received (Probably not enough) I've scaled back my touring with R2 this year and hope to have this project complete by fall. I'm back to reading build threads and taking notes of tips/tricks. I also have a few local 501st folks to help me along. Wish me luck! Kris aka Lumpy
  11. Thanks everyone for the comments. I will looking into upgrading the mag. Either scratch built or 3D printed. Just a few more events to do with R2 before I can jump into and dedicate more time to this. Cheers!
  12. Still prepping to get ready for the build. I made these cradle/mount/jigs tonight to help with when working on the main body. These will come in handy for when I'm drilling and filing away. Hoping to start on this early next week.
  13. Hi Dan, I have been reading and researching/bookmarking DoopyDoo builds for the last little while, and yes I have a copy of the awesome reference guide too! I'm hoping with all the past build knowledge/tricks/tips to hopefully come out of this with a half decent E-11 build. Kris
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