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  1. Hello Team, Whether going for the EIB or Centurion program, is there a preferred choice of armor maker to go with? I assume the Anovos ANH hero set would have lower expectations than other sets of armor and wouldn't be that great to use??
  2. I'm in the process of installing a pair of 2w mini speakers with the amp inside of my fiberglass helmet port openings. Any suggestions on how to cut down on the terrible feedback I'm getting when the volume is turned up? I tried placing foam insulation around the speakers and tried using 3 different types of head mics but not much improves. How else are builders doing this?
  3. I came across a piece of ribbed material that I might be able to use to construct my own set of gaskets. Does anyone know how wide the spacing inbetween the ribs should be? Does the material need to be shiny like latex is or is semi-shiny cloth sufficient to use?
  4. Hello Folks! Has anyone ordered and assembled their own gaskets from Imperial boots? Is this material and the details satisfactory to use? It says 8 gasket sheets should be able to complete a FOTK gasket system. Is the pic attached the actual piece received or is this something that was sewn and ready to go?
  5. TK-6298 requesting 501 access: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=11412
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