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  1. Just got my AM kit in the mail a few weeks ago. TG still might have some kits available...I am very impressed on how solid of a kit this is!
  2. Progress is slow but the bucket is slowly taking shape... Started with sanding the teeth out with the dremel then using needle files to get the desired shape of the teeth. Next clamped the hood to the faceplate and got the brow where i wanted it Drilled some holes and bolted together. Now onward to the ears!!!! A quick question to anyone who cares to answer...I'm looking into cutting the lens into 2 pieces and making hold down clamps. I've seen some ideas while doing research but cannot remember where i saw them. Does anyone happen to know some links to some good ideas on this? Thanks
  3. Thanks Joseph. Your ears look great, did you have to sand much off of them?
  4. Looking good Joseph!! Currently building my AM bucket...do you have any side pics of your ears?
  5. Welcome aboard Scott!!! Great choice on AM from TG...just got mine last week and I am thoroughly impressed!
  6. It's finally here!!! "BBB" day! So excited to finally get this build started. I plan on shooting for Centurion right out of the box. Any helpful advice and criticism will be greatly appreciated!!
  7. Thanks guys...just wanted some back up on what I was already thinking...drilling out rivets if placement was wrong would suck!
  8. So my "BBB" day has finally came and before I start a build thread I have a quick question: What are the pros and cons of rivets on the bucket? I see a lot of build threads where rivets are used under the ears for holding the faceplate to the cap( I have an AM 4.0 bucket). I plan on using nuts and bolts to hold them together, any thoughts?
  9. Congrats!!! Ordered my AM kit in May also hoping for a BBB on my front porch soon!!
  10. Just a heads up Mike... TG is still producing armor...currently in the middle of a run that he is hoping to have ready by the end of August. Last time I talked to him about a month ago he said there are still kits available for purchase.
  11. The magnets themselves sound like an adventure LOL
  12. Thanks everyone for the replies...and thanks Joseph for the link...with BBB day getting closer its time to start getting the last remaining tools so I can hit the ground running
  13. Looking for some input on what size magnet width and magnet thickness works best with armor assembly and how many. I've seen different posts on quantity but not to much on the other measurements. Thanks in advance everyone!
  14. Great story...thanks for sharing!! Can't wait to wear the white and participate in troops like this.
  15. Welcome!! A ton of great info here!
  16. Hello Everyone! My name is Bryon and I've been a huge fan of Star Wars since 77...I've been wanting to join the 501st for a long time and that time has finally come I've decided to build an ANH stunt TK and shoot for Centurion. My AM armor should be here in less than a month and I'm really looking forward to trooping with you guys and putting some smiles on kids faces!!!
  17. Looking good man! Hoping to have my AM armor in less than a month
  18. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction...Can't wait for that BBB to come
  19. Do you happen to know the difference between the 4oz. holster and 8oz.? Does one have an advantage over the other or is it just personal preference?
  20. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a thread that has links to approved vendors for soft parts. I have the boots from TKBoots already still looking for a neck seal vendor and belt vendor. I keep seeing the name Darmin for neck seals does anyone have some contact info. Any help would be awesome. Also would this undersuit be useable? https://www.amazon.com/Compression-Pants-Tight-Layer-Leggings/dp/B00FJ1IBWE/ref=sr_1_10?ie=UTF8&qid=1494931502&sr=8-10&keywords=mens+black+compression+pants
  21. Great thread A.J. Looking forward to more as I wait for my BBB to arrive.
  22. I just contacted troopergear@gmail.com on 4/24/17 and got a price list for AM 2.0 with 4.0 bucket. Getting ready to order. They said they are currently in a run and wait will be 2 months. Hope this helps. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  23. Thanks so much for the advice. I'm going to pull the trigger on the AM... Can't wait to start my build
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