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  1. What type of epoxy did you use? This might help me out, my bucket has one hovi where i want it and the other pointing a little higher than i want. Nice build thread AM armor is awesome!!
  2. Facebook...I'll contact them and find out a way you can contact them other than facebook.
  3. Now that the plasti dip is on its time for the pretty green lenses... Got the idea for the lens install from another builder really liked how he did it so I decided to copy.(Not sure who it was since I follow so much content, but I will try and find the name and edit in the credit deserved ) Finally Bucket almost complete. Just have to trim the bottom and add S seal.
  4. They just had a set or couple sets of Thighs up this week.
  5. A little more progress on the helmet...if this pace keeps up I might have this completed in a couple years. Grabbed some black Sugru and made some standoffs for the lenses.(really cool stuff...easy to work with) Prepping for plasti dip. Put 3 coats of plasti dip came out nice and smooth.
  6. Frank, Try AM armor's costuming group on facebook...talk to Armor masters they are currently running extra AM parts. Great resource for AM builders.
  7. Congrats!! Good Luck with 501st Acceptance
  8. Lol understandable on the obvious...sometimes the obvious gets overlooked when you have all this stuff to finish. I'm moving slow on this and trying not to OCD too much.
  9. I have not plasti dipped yet...was thinking about putting the sugru and posts first and plasti dipping after. Thoughts?
  10. Awesome Sean, So glad you posted this tutorial, exactly what I've been looking for for my lens install.
  11. Hoping to get this build in high gear and start work on the forearms and biceps next.
  12. Hovi's painted... Now I just need to tear it apart and plasti dip the inside then reassemble and paint the ears vocoder and frown.
  13. Still slowly moving on the helmet but ears have finally passed my OCD
  14. Saw the movie Fri. and Loved it!!! I'm also a kid from the 70's who saw the originals back in the day and still to this day my hair stands on end with the 20th century fox drumroll or the lucasfilm logo. I may not agree with some of the choices in these movies at times but thats why I'm just along for the ride and not directing. The most Important thing to me is they are making Star Wars movies againPretty much every year now...so I will be handing my money over to Disney every year they decide to bring another movie out. Can't wait to see where they take us next in this awesome Galaxy far, far away....
  15. Thanks so much...currently building AM 2.0 ANH stunt and all the pictures and videos I can find help a ton Eric's videos rock, helped a ton with my bucket. Following you now
  16. What is the name of the armor building page on facebook? Sounds interesting.
  17. Tony, Are the AM supplied decals accepted all the way up to Centurion?
  18. This is my first AM build...I plan to use the decals.
  19. Check this out Frank. Great series for the current run of AM. I have a similar gap on my bucket. I should be able to fix it though after watching this.
  20. Hey guys, currently working on my AM 2.0 bucket and I'm wanting to cut the lens into 2 and use standoffs to screw them down. Any advice on what to use to hold down the standoffs? I've seen people use JB weld and was wondering is there a specific kind and does it warp the plastic at all? And what about sugru would that work?
  21. Besides being a huge Star Wars fan this is one of the biggest reasons I'm building a TK....can't wait to to troops like this. Great job, hope you put some smiles on the kids faces
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