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  1. Ordered my boots from TK Boots this morning. I checked and they actually had a set in size 13 E width so I jumped on them. Guess I'll find out soon enough if they'll work.
  2. I found the Gorilla Grip gloves but when I tried them on they looked almost like mesh. Breathable yes but you could easily see my flesh underneath. I don't know how they could be approved. I did already buy a set of rubber gloves but I'm gonna order a set of the Nomex and be done with it.
  3. I've had my kit about a week. Thus far I'm very happy with it. Not sure what the issues were with the ab buttons as mine wasn't missing any. I came here first and did a LOT of reading. I went to just about every vendor site and asked tons of questions to the suppliers. I based my decision on the fact that I would have to be building my armor from a kit and NO kit is automatically approved by the 50st. It all comes down to the individual build. I think too many people have the misconception that you open a box, put on the armor and you're done. I've been through this with people in the
  4. If a blaster is built with a permanent orange tip will it still be approved for the 501st?
  5. I will have to try a pair of the Gorilla Grip gloves. I got the black rubber gloves now but my hands were drowning in sweat after 5 minutes. I can not imagine trooping all day with them on.
  6. Thank goodness. I've been holding off ordering a pair. I will now. Thanks.
  7. I picked up a pair of black neoprene gloves for like $4. They are long cuff. I will likely have to upgrade to Nomex flight gloves with winter trooping.
  8. Very cool. I love little unique items like this. It ties it all together.
  9. This was my question too. What is the biggest difference between them? I've been looking at the various specs for each but only notice little subtle differences. Hand guard shapes, holster strap color etc. Is that it or am I missing something? In theory shouldn't they all be the same. I understand from a movie production stance the films were made several years apart and costumes had to be remade and/or fixed/updated. What are the most noticeable differences? Reading the requirements for the builds the stuff actually seems generic. Is it just these little things you guys notice to tel
  10. Thank you for explaining this as I thought maybe it was based on how long you were a member in the 501st etc.
  11. Waiting to get my armor until tax return. Glad someone asked about glue because I was wondering what everyone uses as well. Used CA glue for decades building r/c airplanes etc and even used some while building my R2 droid. Have never used E6000 that I can recall but I'll pick up several tubes next time at the store. Thanks guys.
  12. Thanks. I'll try IB first and if no luck guess I'll be painting some boots :-D I actually just got back from the mall. I went to every store that sold shoes to try and find a similar paid of Chelsea type boots just so I could try on a size 12 to see if it would world. No one had that type except Dunham's. I tried on a 13 there and they fit okay. Don't think I'd want to try to squeeze into a 12 for trooping.
  13. I've been reading all the boards too looking for options for larger boots. When I was in the Army I wore 11.5 W but in a running shoe I wear a size 13 and in a normal work boot 12 or 13 depending on brand. I have wide feet and from everything I've read is that these boots, both TK and IP, run narrow. Not sure what option to go with. The 421s on IP only show 12 as the largest size but everyone recommends going with 1 size larger. I wish there was some place I could try a pair on first to make sure they fit. Any advice? I'll buy a pair of black Chelsea ones and paint them if I have to b
  14. This was great. I hope to make my holster this weekend since I'm waiting on parts for my blaster build. Very informative and easy to understand. Thanks.
  15. Thank you for posting the link to the smaller templates. I printed out one on another topic on the forum but it was a bit too big (must have been for a 40mm tube). I too am building a metal tube E11 blaster using original parts.
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