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  1. Fits her well. The armor actually fits her better than mine on me that I'm currently making.
  2. Ackbar didn't get the send off he deserved. He should've replaced Holdo and sacrificed himself to save the rebellion in epic fashion. Not just flew out the window, "Oh yeah by the way, Ackbar just died, oh well". Goodbye my Fishy friend
  3. Hey there good luck, RWA is good stuff. I have also gave in to the pull to the dirty side. Don't forget to sign up to the MEPD forums too as them guys know their dirty stuff.
  4. 850 Armor Works sell a DT kit, they have also built some for customers. Not sure if they still offer that service, or what the $ is.
  5. Hi guys, I have an issue that is causing me much head-scratching. I've tried searching for the answer on here but most threads are old and the images are either missing or broken (thanks photobucket). My problem is that my waistline is 32" and my RS armor is way too wide. I've been thinking about padding it, but don't know how this will look at the end of it all. I've tried padding the back of the kidney, which will enable me to have a good connection to the ab. But as a result, the butt section (and most likely back) is now out, so I will have to most likely pad that to match also. I just hope it won't look like a diaper that is way too big. Any skinny troopers out there that also faced and solved this issue? (Ignore BS helmet, RS one is yet to be built )
  6. Take your time . Don't do what I just did to my RS, cut too much off my shins and now they won't close. Doh! <br><br> Enjoy the build.
  7. There has been quite a few Shoretroopers that have been approved with their armor kits. Also if I remember correctly, the model for the AT-ACT Driver in the CRL is wearing their armor. But your best bet would be to visit the Pathfinders detachment and ask for opinions there. EDIT: (Didn't realize this was an old bumped thread)
  8. Nice. Have been waiting for armor to combo my Black Series helmet.
  9. I still am in the newbie builder period. I watched these videos on Youtube to help me get an idea of what was required of me. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt_lWzaSmADNiCC8TkZyfwg
  10. Wow, their emails to you were painful to read. Such ignorance.
  11. Damn. My ankles ache just by looking at them heels. Brave trooper doing it in your armor with reduced vision.
  12. Those are cheese grater hand plates and a diamond knee plate that are used by Sandtroopers. Hold on to them as you never know when you will want to join the dirty side.
  13. Enjoy. I have been thinking about buying the 850 kit for a while. You may want to sign up to the pathfinders forum if you haven't already. Lots of good Shoretrooper resources there.
  14. What Paul said above . I only have a small 4-5mm of a return edge on the top of my shins.
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