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  1. Not from TKUK. TKUK uses ABS not fiberglass. And these parts are nothing like a TKUK kit
  2. Ok everybody. I would like to set the record correct here. Tom arranged with his friend to order a pair of armour kits from TKUK through a 3rd person. That 3rd person was Ryan. So I had an order from Ryan and Ryan only. I had a few messages from Tom and another guy for the next few days asking if I had received their order, now I have to go through my list to check and there was no order from Tom or his Friend. It turned out it was an order from Ryan that had ordered for the 2 of them. OK confusion over with as It was Ryan I spoke to from then onwards. Now they had ordered through Ryan on or about the 23rd of November 2017. At this stage I was clearing out the last of my 2017 model armour kits for which I had sold 550 of them. The last 50 have been donated to another cause. I had packed the last of the 2017 armour kits and booked them with the courier but did not seal up the boxes as there was a part missing that I was waiting for. Unfortunately as I work all over the world I have to go away and leave things to others to finish up for me sometimes. The parts didnt arrive that I was waiting for so I informed Ryan of this. As Ryan said the guys that bought it had a deadline then I offered to send a fully assembled armour kit free of charge immediately as I hold these in stock. So he agreed to the assembled set then turned around and said they dont want the assembled set. So then I offered a 100% refund or an upgrade to the 2018 armour kit for free as the price has gone up 15%. This was debated between Ryan and the 2 guys that ordered the armour through him. Eventually they agreed to take the old Black armour and the white 2018 armour, this was delivered end of January 2018. (I sent out 250 armour kits in January alone). The armour kits had arrived and Ryan said they were happy with the older model black armour but not happy with the new 2018 white armour as they said the back part was not straight and was not passable. I explained that the white armour was quite different to the black armour they had as I have changed many of the moulds. The also complained that the sandtrooper parts were not included in the box which was clearly a misunderstanding of my options that are available with the 2018 armour kits. I was asked for a refund so I told Ryan to return it as they had already opened a Paypal case against me for not receiving it. When I received the box and had checked it I issued the refund through Paypal. TKUK trades in all countries and delivers to all countries so to make it easy for people we quote and charge in the reserve currency, the US$. Ryan had purchased an item for $739 US Dollars but he is located in England therefor GBP was taken from his account. I refunded him 100% of the money he paid. That due to currency change made him get less in GBP than he paid. TKUK is a Limited company and needs to have accounts for every penny of expenditure and documentary evidence of it. I needed to consult my accountant as to how I can issue extra funds to compensate the 64 GBP that Ryan had lost in the currency change. I looked at the Facebook pages of the 2 friends of Ryan and they planned to do Zombie troopers with the armour kits, so easy for me I offered him 2 less than perfect armour kits for free so they can make the Zombie troopers out of them. They declined so I paid to Ryan a 64 GBP goodwill payment in cash instead. So to summarise, yes I was having too many orders going through for me to handle at that time as I was in different continents each week getting armour kits to guys around the world. And No nobody was ripped off or got less than what they paid for. This is true now and always. I never have ripped off anyone! I think as there was TKUK, then to Ryan, then to Tom and his mate some of my generous offers of compensation or so of the details may have been missed. I have a Facebook group that has 550 buyers in from my 2017 armour and over 150 from my 2018 armour kits. Im sure if you want fact then you can find it from one of those buyers with 1st hand experience
  3. We will be at Swindon Comiccon if you would like to see the armour We are supporting alot of events on the other side of the world
  4. You can see us this weekend at Swindon Comiccon. Proudly supporting and donating to the 501st and Fan Events on the other side of the world.
  5. Come and see us this weekend in Munich and see thr armour with your own eyes
  6. We will be at the Munich Comiccon this weekend. Come see the armour with your own eyes
  7. Thanks Paul to refresh everyone's memory how things were 2 years ago. The armour from 2015 was not that good. Now I have lots more knowledge and experience so I can see that. We are continuously learning and evolving. The old armour I made I was not happy with so that is why I have completely changed it and now lots of people are very happy with the changes that I have made. I am visiting many different garrisons and costume clubs worldwide to show how much I listen and follow my critics. And they are very happy with what I am showing them. I will be exhibiting at many comiccons around the world so people can have a look for themselves. I need to have people to tell me that I am doing it bad or wrong so that I know I need to make improvements. I thank everyone to give me criticism as it makes me improve my armour and my service standards Thanks again Paul
  8. Come and see yourself to see how bad or good my armour is. I'm not hiding behind anything. Stand B8
  9. You can have a look for yourself this weekend at the Hannover Comiccon. You can see with your own eyes how good or bad the armour is or what kind of person I am. 20th and 21st May Stand B8
  10. If anyone would like to come and see the me or the armour I will be attending commicons throughout the summer. 20th 21st May Hannover 26th 27th 28th May London 3rd 4th June Swindon 24th 25th June Belfast These are the only ones planned at this stage. I would like to slip in New York in October and Tokyo in December. But we will see. I do have kids to see occasionally! I will be in Melbourne and Sydney this week so anyone can meet up with me then and I will have armour samples with me. I will be in Ecuador in a few weeks. Try to take a trip to Peru or Mexico. I have attached pictures of TK76101 who is the first of my new kits to be approved by the 501st. Anyone can also add me on Facebook and contact me directly as I always answer questions. There is a Facebook group TKUK TK Armour Support and Advice where all the new guys have been encouraged to join and share their build experiences. There are lots of experts in that group that can help you out.
  11. I joined this forum as I was told there are lots of experts here and they will help and assist the community. I have always asked for assistance from you guys as you are far more experienced than I. I have always asked for feedback on my armour and have been welcoming any help the more experienced ones can offer me to improve. I have to thank Dave (TK 72569) for personally looking at the armour I have sent to a recruit and offering me some feedback on areas I can improve the armour. Firstly the inner Bicep part. Now we all know there is a intentional defect in one side. So when I made the mould I added the defect that was nothing like any other armour makers defect. I did not want to be accused of copying another. So I added my own stlye to it to make is unique to me. That was a mistake that the community was not overly impressed with and Dave pointed it out to me. So in the pictures below you can see the inner bicep part as it started and then a few stages when I have added liquid metal to the mould then tested the mould then trimmed out more to get the final moulded part which looks pretty close to the ANH used parts. Secondly the knee belt. Now I could see how others have moulded them and that is very difficult on a bigger vac machine. So when I made the mould i added in fault lines where the plastic would bend easy. Again Dave pointed out to me that it looks rippled and that it is not satisfactory so as per the pictures below you can see that I have filed away the lines and now there is only tiny defects that allow the belt to be bent around without breaking. Thirdly the calves. I have been having some issues with these as I has tried to make aluminium moulds bigger by adding filler to it but it slowly breaks away and shows in the moulded parts. So I have scrapped those moulds and much bigger moulds are being made that will fit huge calfs into. Will have clear pictures when they are ready. Last the hand guards are very big as Dave mentioned. I dont like dealing in latex as they are supposed to be latex but I do like making parts much bigger as you can always them them smaller. When I have some more time I will gather some more information and share with you. Just busy these days and experimenting with robots trimming armour! Thanks again Dave for the help. Please keep it coming. Any one who wants to see the progress of the 148 armour kits being assembled then please go to the Facebook page where they all all helping each other. TKUK TK Armour Support and Advice. I have asked all the new guys to join in this group and I have added many expert armour builders who have built many of the TKUK armour kits and they are far better qualified than me to answer questions and help others.
  12. In my travels and interactions with people I meet some nice guys and I meet some bad guys. Sometimes I meet and interact with some truly inspirational guys. I hear lots of political talk and lots of talk that has a clear agenda or alternate motive. One guy in the Canadian Garrison told me about his friend Keith Allan Sloggett who was quite sick but very determined and his dream, like many of us, was to be a stormtrooper. I listened to the guy and he told me that he had asked for assistance from others but they were not able to help him at this stage. I was quite happy to help him to realise his friends dream as I could see he was in it for the right reasons. I donated a kit to him to assemble it and put a smile on Keith's face. The kit was assembled and fitted to Keith and then submitted for 501st clearance which cleared. My satisfaction in this was the letter of thanks I had from Keith's Mother and later one from him personally and the picture of him in the armour knowing that under that helmet there is a huge smile. We have to thank Mike for that as it was his idea, Job well done Mike! Sometimes, as I ship my armour kits to all countries there is a very slight chance I will get a return. In 12 years I think I can remember 4 or 5 returns. If the buyer requests a return I will refund them there purchase price plus the shipping costs they have paid. Now I have a problem of sending a 10 KGS very large box back to England. That can be exceedingly expensive. So I try to find and alternative. I have had customers send the box to another person in the same state but generally I will get them to send it to a person in the same country. And quite often I will donate that kit to the person it has been sent to. I have donated lots in England, USA and South east Asia. If a customer pays for shipping to another person then they are always reimbursed directly by me. Some returns are due to the wife no approving of the purchase when it arrives, some are due to the customer not understanding the nature of the product, as in I can't just wear it out of the box and some are due to me sending out a defective product. I have sometimes had issues with the couriers damaging boxes and I have sometimes just not notices when Im packing the box that the parts are defective. I hold my hand up on that one! I like to hear of stories like this and any one is free to contact me directly. There is a messaging system in this forum but no one has used it yet to contact me. I am here all the time to respond to a personal message to me. I dont sit looking at forums all the time as I just dont have the time. I have a website where you can all message me and a facebook page. I am always available to respond to you, depending on the time zone!
  13. Not a Bogus tracking number. Delivered just like the other 74 boxes I sent out
  14. In 6 weeks I have sent out 150 of these armour kits. Some have arrived, some are on their way and some are currently stuck in customs. So I guess in the very near future 150 people can speak out to answer the question in the title of this thread. TKUK armour is it a rip off? I will hold back until all armour kits have been received and any missing or broken parts issues have been resolved, I'm not perfect and nor is the postal service. Like I have mentioned before, here I am and you are free to chat to me if you wish. I have done most of the comiccons in the UK as a exhibitor so you are free to walk up to me and talk to me and have a look at the armour I am making. I am not hiding behind the internet wall. Most of the bigger garrisons know me by sight and by name. Many of the GML's and CO's of garrisons around the world have shared a nights drinking with me, and many of the garrisons have had a stand next to me at comiccons around the world. And many of you have that to come! Many of the people that have taken my armour kits will look to this forum for guidance and help. Just as I do. Please offer them constructive assistance as many of them are very new to this. And please offer me constructive assistance as you are far more experienced than I am and I want to hear how I can improve and make life easier for the many people that will be wearing my armour. In the process of clearing my backlog of 75 boxes to send out, I think I really annoyed local couriers. Then being invited into customs to explain what and why I am sending so many big boxes and why aren't they getting a cut of it, was certainly an interesting experience! But now that is past I know how to better handle it in the future! Now I have a little more free time to respond to any questions anyone may have. And I guess we will start to see lots of build threads as well!
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