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  1. Thanks man, im going to give it a break for a while, but ill definitely be back to check out the Vetted sites once ive got this mess sorted out.
  2. Hey, sorry i didn't explain this as well as i could have - Paid through Pay Pal, got refunded at a lower exchange rate than i paid even though the User agreement for papal states that it should be refunded at the Same exchange rate as the time of purchase but the seller just seems to be uncooperative, and yeah, im UK based. As for Asia, i know that he mentioned alot that he kept travelling out there for conventions and such.
  3. Hi guys, im a new member on here, whipped up an account for the purpose of this, was hoping i would be getting into Trooping but apparently not.. I had been reading a lot on here before i made my purchase of my first set of armour, where to get it from, the most recommended places, id seen 'TK Armour UK' come up quite a bit in discussion but i decided that id pay no heed to that, i was willing to give this site a chance, i was, to put it blunt, pretty stupid. It started back in November when myself and my friend saw they they had a Buy one get one free deal on, and since we both wanted armour, why not? After waiting a while for my confirmation email, i messaged the guy to make sure it had gone through, we wanted it for a specific date, i chatted with the guy and he seemed alright, was told that he was waiting on white kits and that they would be shipped within a week, 30th of november rolled around and we were sent a tracking number, it didnt work, i kept checking, nothing, next week rolled round, nothing, no word from the seller and no package. Turns out he was somewhere else in the world. skip a few months, and it get to February 2018, weve missed the date that we needed them by, and have been fobbed off multiple times with promises of it being shipped, at this point we just put in a Request for a refund form pay pal, but the next day they miraculously got shipped and arrived a day later. What we got was a full set of Black armour, which admittedly, wasnt that bad for the price, the white armour on the other hand, was a bunch of what looked like second hand casts that had random Holes in it, where it had looked like somebody had just poked a hole through it for no reason, the back plate was about 2x the size of the black suits back plate, the cuts were uneven, plastic felt flimsy and it was warped to Sh**, there were parts missing, only one set of Detonator parts were sent, my black suit was scratched to high heaven and it was just disappointing. On top of this we were promised new 'improved' casts, but everything we got looked like second hand tat. Im just disappointed we didn't take photos before we sent it back. After waiting a while for a response we finally got a pretty rude one, and arranged to send it back, A few days later we got a notification it had been received, but still no refund. A few days ago we finally got our refund, it was over.. nope, we have been refunded about 80% of what we paid, since the guy deals in dollars, which is odd since Tk UK seems like a UK based company, so far we haven't had anything back about this, multiple messages have been sent but i just assume he's out of the country again. I didn't expect anything astonishing for the amount i paid, and i should have listened to you guys on here, but what i got was tat, just save your money and buy from one of the recommended sellers, its not worth the hassle or the frustration. Hopefully this will actually catch your eye TK UK, because id like the rest of my money back.
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