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  1. Welcome Jason! Have a load of fun with your build, I'll be following it To start; make sure the ab plate is comfortable around the groin area, for trooping purposes, strap it up to check the movement. Don't cut anything up until you've done that (I'm sure there are many other ways to start, but this method I've heard from several good troopers out there)
  2. I've not continued this thread as the bucket was converted to a Sandtrooper lid, and has been sold now.
  3. He's posted quite a few lies. On his RPF advertisement he's said he's not had any problem with his armour being 501st approved, which of course is.. utter nonsense
  4. Heya folks. I recently ran across a seller here in the UK, and I think he's a new one as I've not heard of him before, which claims his armour is "501st approved" and "accurate". The seller is called TKUK (TK Armour). I'd just like to warn people that's it's neither, of course no armour is 501st approved when you purchase is, and then of course the accuracy... Here the link in case you're curious. http://www.tkarmour.com/index.php I'm just posting this as I had a long argument with the guy who runs it on the RPF, and he seems convinced it's approvable without having to modify it. If this post isn't appropriate, please do remove it. I just thought it'd be good to add this seller to the black-list, as he's clearly shoddy.
  5. Cheers Joe! Awesome, which one was it?
  6. Ah that's very handy indeed! I have no second set of ears with this one so I hope I'm not going to screw it up, haha. I can however get a free replacement ear for free, just the postage.
  7. Cheers Polar! They're on the big side indeed, screws still fit however
  8. I riveted the lid together, this is what it looks like now. The lenses are only taped in with masking tape because I wanted to see what it would look like Would this be the correct placement for the ears?
  9. Cheers Mark! I've been wondering what it meant, and it's not quite what I expected, funny nevertheless
  10. Happy new year everyone! I've done some more painting (I've also glued the mesh in, I forgot to mention!), started painting the ears, not happy with them yet, they do need another layer of grey, and I need to make the lines a fair bit tidier. Also the rank stripe, of course. I've done the traps as well, the traps at the back still need the stripes in, and I want to make all traps a bit tidier as well. The light is a bit rubbish, I should take some photos when it isn't bad weather or evening, hehe. I painted the lines here, by hand without guidance, not entirely satisfied with them but it's not too bad. Here's a picture of an ear with the screws in, looks quite interesting I must say! The grey needs another layer there, and they need a bit of tidying. That's it for now, I'm waiting for some clamps to arrive so I can start assembling the lid, I'm not looking forward to trimming the ears, I don't fancy screw up that much! I'll just take it nice and slowly and it can't go wrong, I suppose May 2015 be with you!
  11. Aye he's a wonderful bloke. I ordered my TK lid on Black Friday, was very tempted to buy a TIE and AT-AT lid as well, but "luckily" budget didn't allow me, hehe. I'm most certainly ordering my armour off him as well. I
  12. Cheers Rick Thank you for the tip Steve! I think I have one of those lying around somewhere actually, I'll have to have a look. I've painted most details now, I just need to do the grey areas on the ears and the black stripes on the traps on the back of the lid. Not much left to do, mostly assembling. I'll post another update tomorrow, can't be bothered to do it today, was up with our littlest one until 4 and then she threw up everywhere at 5, so rather exhausted at the moment.
  13. Right! An update! I started doing some painting (God.. I forget how much I missed the smell of enamel paint!) as I've not got any clamps yet, so I decided to do some painting and then assemble it when I get the clamps in. I used a pencil to draw the outlines first, didn't want to screw up at my first attempt. I did the black outline here, not entirely happy with it, but I'll have to get a very small precision brush to do it properly, hehe. And they first layer of the grey is done, it certainly needs at least another layer, going to do that later today hopefully. And the vocoder done here, this only needs only layer as the black covers really nicely. The Hovi-Mix done as well, the light is rubbish so they don't look right, need to get a better photo of this. The first layer of the frown, god that doesn't cover nicely at all! It will need another layer as well. Said other layer has been applied, look a lot better to be honest, I will have to straighten the edges out a bit with a smaller brush. And that's it for now.. I think, I probably forgot something, but I'll make sure to add that to the next update! -Bas
  14. Thanks Bill! I'm trying my best not to let enthusiasm take control, haha. I'll pop out an update tomorrow. I'm probably buying my armour off BFA as well. It's a pleasure dealing with BFA, and I love working with ABS
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