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  1. CommissarGurke WIP Started 6/12/19 Michigan TK No Jimmiroquai
  2. Correct, with a bit of velcro on the side of the sniper knee that's not glued in. It's not perfect, but it looks clean enough and reduces how much I have to flex things.
  3. Yes, I used velcro for the front and back of both shins and forearms. I haven't noticed any cracking so far. Just some E6000 after measurements.
  4. This is similar to what I already had. https://www.amazon.com/Wiss-M3R-MetalMaster-Capacity-Straight/dp/B00002N5KQ/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=wiss&qid=1564204144&s=gateway&sr=8-5
  5. I don't know if it's the most efficient/best method, but I've just been using some Wiss snips and a dremel to trim/sand edges. It can take some time with thicker parts, but works.
  6. Alright, first almost-complete armor test (missing a few bits where the glue was still setting). I still need to trim the upper abdomen sides a bit, as they will be exposed. For the most part, it seems to look fine, though I think I will need to trim the upper thighs a bit more as well. A snap came loose on the codpiece (hence it's crookedness), so I will be adding another set for support. The velcro worked well, though I had to be a bit careful detaching it and there is a very small gap where the halves overlap. I will have to see how durable it is after wearing it for a while, though it currently seems sturdy.
  7. Didn't expect this much discussion early in my build (especially after I posted in the main threads... oops), but I'm glad to hear from future fellow troopers. It's awesome to hear more ROTKs are in the works! As I've been neglecting this thread a bit, updates are in order (pictures coming once I clean things up a bit): I've got most of the armor assembled and strapped in a semi-permanent fashion. I wanted some adjustability, so I used more velcro than I initially anticipated. After reading Jeff's thread, I decided to try velcro on both sides of the shins and forearms, which I like so far because it makes it much less stressful (for me and my armor) when they go on and off. I liked how Jeff strapped his thighs, abdomen and arms, so I used a similar method(s). I bought some Flex seal (easiest to get) to test and it seemed to cover everything nicely, but like Michael said, I had difficulty gluing anything to it (Loctite glue worked...ish, but was stiff and brittle). I plan on sealing exposed parts once I am sure on my strapping. As for paint, I was leaning toward Rustoleum automotive primer/filler and spray paint, but I'm not sure yet. I don't have the equipment or ability to do a professional job, but I'll give it a go with what I can get. All in all, I'm pleased with the general fit so far, though I'll be interested in feedback once I do a full suit test.
  8. Alright, just got my kit. Aside from a couple tiny cracks, everything looks good and accounted for. I'm currently giving everything a wash. After that, fitting/trimming, strapping and paint! Before I begin fitting to see what I need to modify, does anyone have recommendations on dealing with stray fibers on the armor interior? EDIT: For fixing the cracks, is there anything recommended that is flexible and strong enough for this?
  9. I'm building Jim's kit, but this is my first build and I have very little experience with fiberglass, so this should be an adventure. BBB day will hopefully be arriving soon... I've done a fair amount of research/browsing, but I'm always open to advice! On a related note, has anyone used ImperialBoots' TK or EZ straps?
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