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  1. I'm 6 foot. I could probably get away with not raising it up, but I'm trying to minimize the gap between the kidney and back plate
  2. It's an AM 2.0 kit. With the cod piece, I want to raise the ab section up a bit, but the cod piece hits my underside a bit. Does it have to go under you at all? Or can it be more in the front and not curve under?
  3. For my shoulder straps, do I need to trim anything off these? And for the codpiece, how much can I trim off the underside of this?
  4. Thanks for the info...I have another question, but will require a picture first. I'll take some and follow up
  5. working on my TK (ANH Stunt) kit over the weekend, and a couple questions came up that I couldn't find answers to. For the thighs: Where should the bottom edge of the thigh (not including ammo belt) lie on my leg? Above the knee? For the back, is there any gap allowed between the back plate and kidney plate? if so, how much is acceptable? Also, are there any return edges that I need to make sure I keep? This is a Level 1 build (not interested in going EIB or Centurion). Thanks!
  6. the color of the plastic is great, however there's a lot of seam filling on this kit, so painting is required.
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    Yay for Star Wars!
  8. You can find him at KB Props on Facebook (Kevin Brice)
  9. Rookhelm

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    Blast! Congrats TK 21879!
  10. Mainly because I like the little details of the R1 helmet. But if those details keep it from being compatible with the OT suit, then it wouldn't work.
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    I, too, did my shot tonight:
  12. Probably a stretch, but any chance this can be used for an ANH build? With some modifications maybe?
  13. The gaskets look different than FOTK to me. FOTK is based on a rubber look (or rubber-like). These look like another material, as well as the ribbing being more narrow than FOTK. Others may have a differing opinion on the material. Edit: I see there's a gaskets thread...never mind
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    I got the coin, btw, thanks! it looks beautiful. Am I eligible for this new contest? Also, I'm 501st now...got my approval couple weeks ago
  15. Just got approved! Request 501 access Here's my profile http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22380
  16. TK-27426 Reporting for duty!!
  17. Build is complete! Submission pics sent!
  18. Finished up some random straps and velcro stuff, so all assembly is complete!! Now...patience. Got all the pieces primed, now I just have to be patient and let it dry and painting will begin this weekend
  19. Work continues Painted the ab boxes and belt boxes Got the belt finished! I backed the rubber strip with a 2" black nylon strap. Attached the boxes with chicago screws. So, the part I was dreading due to thinking it was tedious, turned out not to be too bad. The greeblies. I knew I'd have to curve them. Most people use a heat gun, but I don't have one. So, rather than buying one, I boiled each piece in water, then pushed each piece against the side of a pot to curve it. Turned it it was really simple and it wasn't that many pieces I had to curve.
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