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  1. Ah. I've submitted but not approved. Gotta fix a few things first, I guess...
  2. Hmm... It says I don't have permission to see it...?
  3. Wow! What an episode! What was is like running around with all the pyrotechnics going off everywhere? Was it pretty chaotic? Those of you who were in the show, have you been able to spot yourself yet? If so, post a screenshot! SB
  4. Well I'm sure there will be more questions after Friday. Who was it that brought the T-21 to the E-11 fight? SB
  5. Was the troop transport (that we've seen before in Rebels) fully practical, or was it utilized through CGI?
  6. So... I saw a few of you on TV tonight... Anyone wanna chime in on it? SB
  7. I'm 6'1" and "they" had issues with the gap between my back plate and the kidney piece (and it's not even that big of a gap). How'd you get around that?
  8. Great, now I'll never be able to un-see it! SB
  9. Not really into Hamlet (or Shakespeare in general), but this was well done. Watched it for the TK and the cinematography. SB
  10. Lookie at the OT AT-ATs and a variant of the AT-ST... Looks awesome! SB
  11. Thanks everyone! I'll keep you posted on how it goes. SB
  12. Submitted my 501st application photos today! Thanks for all your help and let me know if anything looks off! SB
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