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  1. Looking great there Greg. Can't wait to get you approved.
  2. Perfect! Thanks Greg, there is an Ace just up the street from me. I too am using Platicweld. I read a HowTo on bucket lenses a year or two ago, It seemed simple enough and I have all materials needed save for a way to mount the lenses. Anywho, I hope to see you at a troop sometime before you finish your armor.
  3. Looking good Greg. What did you use to screw in the lenses? I am doing the same with my bucket as a future project and haven't found a way to secure the lenses that I like.
  4. He's Gary. From the t.v. show Robot Chicken. It is a Bendai model I got just before I started this whole thing. I thought it would be funny to incorporate it into some of the photos.
  5. Not at the moment. I plan on making the armor to centurion specs but it will be sometime before I go for approval. . . . and Gary says hello.
  6. The bottom is made from scrap Lycra (Spandex) similar to the undersuit. Joann's should have either material.
  7. Looking good. Those are some top notch seams where the ab and kidney plates join. You'll be approved in no time and by the looks of things, Centurion shouldn't be too far off.
  8. I see you broke out the band-aids. It is not truly a build unless you bleed for it.
  9. Hey, things are looking really good and coming along nicely. Just something I noticed is the cover strip on the top of the right thigh sticks out a little. If your GML is anything like mine, they may point that out too. The belt will help a lot with the ab and kidney lining up. The tab system is cool and I really like it but I was always afraid the thing will snap off or something. Paranoia. This was my solution. You have probably seen it already. I used four of the large panels (one joins the back plate to the kidney plate) to hold the core body together.
  10. That looks very similar to mine. Nice job. I checked both Stunt and Hero CRLs and neither one specifies how the neck seal closes. So I think you are okay. I am curious to see how the snaps look when closed, and how easy/difficult it is to put on.
  11. Yeah, the bib is for Heroes only. So no worries there. The neck seals that I have seen, including my own, have a little bit of fabric that extends out from the base. This is mainly so that skin doesn't show when tilting or turning your head. If your shirt has a high collar then you probably wont need it. Here is a link to the thread I used to make my neck seal. They are easier then they look to make. I made mine in maybe two hours. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/8402-howto-create-a-neckseal/ Things are looking great. Keep it up.
  12. So taking a page from some of our fellow troopers, I have decided to connect the ammo belt to the ab plate via two snaps. Since my armor doesn't rely on being held closed by the belt. This way the belt will be held in perfect placement and not shift as I move. The snaps are a little off level which causes the belt to tilt slightly. I kinda like the way it looks because it doesn't look perfect. It looks like it is separate from the armor. Also, my button plates. Here you can see the three snaps that hold the plastic ammo holder to the fabric belt. The two snaps (marked b
  13. I've heard of some troopers adding white felt around the inside of the ankle to help protect the boots.
  14. Don't forget to save all of the ABS scrap. For repairs and modifications.
  15. These may help. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/38763-how-to-build-stormtrooper-armor-video-tutorial-series/
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