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  1. Thanks Anzo and Ukswrath! Been working on the side panels, cutting them to be more exact. I glued them with epoxy wasn't happy with it, so I chipped most of it off and switched to a DAP Rapidfuse glue and, believe it or not, a max tacky glue that I've used for other projects that is surprisingly strong. Getting real tired of the more fumey glues, even with being outside and using a mask, they've reignited my dormant asthma, so I'm done with the harsh ones. One side panel is almost done, glue wise, and I'm more happy with it than I thought I'd be. After that, I'll do what I did with the thighs and use the latex filler/caulk. My phone isn't taking pics at the moment, but the side panels I just cut to have a bit of an angle, with the narrower part at the top to better fit into the yoke and chest while giving the bottom a little more room (hips, man). It's not too much to be noticeable, though, I think. Especially once the belt is on. I want to finish everything else on the midsection before making the belt so I know everything lines up and fits perfectly.
  2. It's been raining a little every day here, which is slowing down suit work considerably. It also doesn't help that even though I'm working with the epoxy in the most ventilated space (outside) and with a mask on, my asthma has not been taking kindly to the fumes. Thankfully I don't think I have to use it much longer; most of the things I still have to do on my suit don't need glue that crazy and I've found okay alternatives. The abdomen is a hot mess right now, as I'm trying to glue the panels in a way that makes it seamless. There's still an annoying gap on either side, which I'm going to see if I can remedy with DAP latex chaulk. My dad recommended it as it's easy to work with and it's paintable. If it doesn't work, I can probably snap off the panels and start over. I attached the shoulder bells to the yoke with a short nylon strap on either side with heavy duty snaps expoxied on. There's a thin black elastic loop that I also glued on the underside that my arm goes through so that the shoulder bells move with my arms. I'm pretty happy with how it looks so far. Comparing it to images on the internet of the FOTK, I think the proportions are okay. The forearms are a little large, but they are one thick heavy piece and can't be altered. Even if I could, I don't think I would because even with them seeming a little large, I can just barely get my hands through. The one thing I can change is that I can probably widen the biceps. What do you guys think?
  3. Yeah, it was my first attempt at making it work and it came undone. I'm going to strip off the velcro and try it with just epoxy once we get a few days without rain so I can work on that outside and leave it out there to air out. These chemicals are amazing but also so gnarly.
  4. Yeah, it was my first attempt at making it work and it came undone. I'm going to strip off the velcro and try it with just epoxy once we get a few days without rain so I can work on that outside and leave it out there to air out. These chemicals are amazing but also so gnarly.
  5. Hi ukswrath, not sure I understand the question: you mean why is the ab section split in two? That is how Denis made it. I figure as long as it doesn't have a visible seam per the CRL, it will be okay. It's a 3D printed suit, so the armor is very thick compared to a lot of armor I've seen on this site, so that might be why it's created differently. The armor itself is very difficult to alter and bend by hand. However, it can bend with very careful, even application of a hair dryer's heat.
  6. Been busy for a few days on the suit! Feels great. Finished yoke and back by epoxying magnets to the yoke and chestplate: Works like a charm, and very satisfying to have it click into place. Epoxied the other thigh panel in, so I'll check on that in the morning. E6000ed the last greeblie on that thigh, which was a relief to get done, as I was so afraid of losing the tiny pieces. Velcroed the inside of the forearm guards for the elbow gaskets, I think I got them just right, but hey, if I didn't, there's plenty of hook-only velcro I bought, courtesy of Amazon. Now here's a pic of the trunk that isn't quite working: You can see the velcro that is meant to hold it together and the gaps that just don't cut it. I think I'll just have to epoxy the panels on and fill in the gaps, just like I'm going to have to do on the thighs. I also started gluing the laser axe pieces together (I spray painted and sanded the pieces a few weeks ago while living in Marlboro. It took quite a few tries to get it right, a lot of hours of trial and error). The padding in the helmet started falling out as the adhesive from the knock-off velcro that came with it was really bad. I just took some duct tape, made some loops, and stuck it in there. It's holding up much better, no problems yet. Later I'll come up with a more permanent solution. Hopefully I'll be able to get a bunch more done tomorrow, assuming I don't have to stay too late at my job... ...at least the overtime really helps pay for stormtrooper supplies!
  7. Thanks Ensi for the help! I was confused by Imgur and which option to pick, but that should do it. I'm not near my armor at the moment, but I'll try to grab a decent pic tomorrow. I've haven't been at the same place as my armor every day, as it's been a crazy transitional period, but I do try to do at least a small step forward every day I'm here.
  8. Thanks ukswrath! So I've been working on the panels for the thigh pieces and the sides, and I'm happy to say that I think I got the pieces for the thighs just right. It took a sheet of ABS, the heat gun from my dad's office, and some trial and error, but both seem like a good fit. The next step is gluing them in place. After that, I'll use a putty or caulk to hide the somewhat uneven edges, then I'll paint over the edge (not wanting to buy a bunch of paint that will likely go to waste, I found a matching nail polish that should be enough). Pic of thigh panel: https://imgur.com/D4a21b7 The sides are a bit tough, and I'm still figuring out how to seamlessly attach them to the sides of the front of the abdomen. Initially on the armor tabs I was going to use velcro (I do love it so much) but it shows, so I'll have to figure out something else. Ordered hook only velcro so I could start matching up the armor to Theresa's amazing gaskets. Slowly but surely coming along!
  9. Hi guys, Thank you so much for all of your encouragement! It's so nice to share this wacky hobby with other passionate people from around the world who are happy to help! This weekend I mostly babysat, but I did manage to get in some time to work on my helmet interior. I didn't expect it to be as much of a puzzle as it was, taking the helmet on and off again and moving around the padding, but it was fun. I have three challenges to work with: 1. My long hair 2. My head shape (small face, but head goes far back) 3. My glasses (contacts are not an option) I'm going to buy one of those cosplay head things that basically keep your hair glued flat to your head and see how that works. I could probably figure out some sort of off the neck hairstyle, but my concern is mostly if something comes loose and gets stuck in a fan (and my concern isn't for my hair or scalp, that's whatever, I would hate to have to get another fan). So far I have the motorcycle helmet padding positioned that the front of the helmet isn't touching my glasses, but it means that the front part of the helmet is a little heavier than it might be if I weren't accommodating the glasses frames. Even with the Anker battery pack at the back bottom rim of the helmet, there isn't enough weight to counter the front. And I'm not sure if more weight would be great, either, as it would just mean a heavier helmet in general. Perhaps the best route might be a return to the childhood days of city rec league soccer, the dreaded (but closer to one's face) RecSpecs? It wouldn't be the worst thing. They have competitors now, so I could probably get a cheap pair. Here's what the inside looks like so far: Let's see if I'm using Imgur right...(thanks Frank!!!) https://imgur.com/M0HhpMY Velcro (building this suit has given me a whole new appreciation) is used to keep the padding and the fans themselves in place, I have used electrical tape for the wires. The battery was a hoot because I wanted to make something that I could take out of the helmet to charge or replace if I needed to, and it also couldn't cover the battery because of overheating. I ended up making a contraption out of velcro tape and, believe it or not, hair ties, that works pretty good so far. I'm gonna mull this design over for a bit, sleep on it a few nights. If anyone has any thoughts, I would be ecstatic to hear them!
  10. Hello! My name is Sarah, a little while ago I received my BBB from Russia, sent from Denis at ArmoryShop. I ordered it finished because I had seen how beautiful Denis' other pieces were and felt like it would take me forever (and it would take my sanity) to achieve what he had done. Initially I figured I wouldn't do a thread here, but once I started putting things together, I realized it would be important because I've run into some interesting challenges specific to someone with a female body. I'm 5'2'', 125 lbs, and I am a fit person, but I have curves that kind of get in the way of my suit. For example, I really had to adjust that buttplate with the help of a hairdryer (although I had to be careful, as I learned that too much heat in one place will crack the paint already applied (issue of having it pre-finished, I know)). Today, with the help of my dad, I started cutting a sheet of ABS to make some hidden panels for my thighs and the abdomen section. Cuz if my hips were the same size as my waist we'd be golden, but alas. I think it's just that the suits were designed for male bodies with no curves. For the rest of the suit, I have Imperial Boots for boots and gloves, Geeky Pink's (Teresa) gaskets, JAFO's belt kit. I also got an unfinished laser axe kit from Denis, which I've been working on as well. I'm going to try to post on here when I have the chance to work on the suit, the issue is that I live mostly in Massachusetts helping to take care of my gf's sister's baby, so I'm usually not around the heavy equipment or strong chemicals at my parents house in NH. Anyways, I'm excited to be underway with my suit. My dad was watching me work on it today, and he said, "Does everyone put this much work into their suits?" To which I told him, "You should see how much more other people do, what I'm going to be doing is nothing compared to them!" Needless to say, I've admired the folks on this site for so long. You guys are so cool and I can't wait to get this together and become official! Here's a pic of me at work when my BBB arrived. How do you rotate a picture on here?
  11. Hey, sorry I didn't get back sooner, I just saw this post. They're big, but it's not as bad as I feared they'd be. Great quality shoe! Although my podiatrist father is mad I'd get a shoe that doesn't fit, I'm going to try to work with him to see what the best ways are to get it to fit. I recently got my BBB, so I've been preoccupied with that first!
  12. I'm having the same problem...I'm in the slightly more fortunate position that, despite being only 5'2'', I wear a women's size 8.5-9, which is, if I push it and wear thick socks, is a men's 7.5. I emailed ImperialBoots, they said unfortunately they couldn't do the smaller size. I scoured the internet for other FOTK boot options, and unfortunately ImperialBoots was the smallest at a men's 8. There were some other sketchy shops that offered sizes in "XS, S, etc" but I'm not messing with those guys, I don't trust them and the quality didn't look too great. I'm going to order the gloves/boots size 8 combo from ImperialBoots. I'll have to wear thick socks and attempt padding, but at least I'll be buying a quality product, from the reviews I've seen here. From what I understand, a 5.5 in men's can be tricky to find in other shoes as well, so I wish you the best of luck in finding those boots. When you do find them, please let me know, I'd be interested in checking out a well-fitting pair of my own!
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