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  1. thanks...I plan to keep the chest as one piece. The chest place to yolk connection. I'm seen some use velcro....some use magnets...some use snaps. What's the best way for this type of material? Hoping to make some progress on the cutting of the eyes and the side vents on the helmet this afternoon.
  2. So...I have been asked by someone to assemble and paint their new TLJ armor kit to become a FO Executioner. I have built a variety of other kits but anything from the First Order is brand new to me. I have really only worked with ABS plastic kits and various resin helmets. Upon receiving this kit yesterday from the owner, it appears to be a "Jimmi" set of armor (not sure which version this is). It's got amazing detail but the way it's made seems to be some sort of fiberglass that flexes. Really awesome stuff. Looks like a great kit. I'm not sure where the gaskets came from but they were in the box when I received the kit. I'm not sure which vendor made them. I have been studying a few builds and have learned that some people get a few Executioner pieces to upgrade their kits. One piece in question is the yolk. In looking at the CRL images and looking at the yolk that came with this kit, is it possible for me to cut the yolk as needed or with the yolk armor I have on hand, will it work since the pieces in the center will not be seen anyhow. I'm thinking since you won't see the part hidden under the chest armor, why would I need to cut it? Just curious if I need to mod this part of the armor. This armor kit seems as though there is not much modifying to do. As I said before, I'm very familiar with many OT armor and Clonetroopers and how it all assembles but this type of material is new to me. The few "TLJ / Executioner" build threads on here don't have many progress photos so it's hard to see exactly what some folks are doing. Any advice would help....thanks. I guess for now I'll have to browse other FOTK builds on the other forum threads. Also, for those with a "Jimmi" kit...how are you fastening everything together? Heavy duty snaps? Velcro? Magnets?
  3. got my ear caps looking better and thinner on both sides now.
  4. Working on ears. Going slow but I think they are still a touch too thick. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Panda....I took out more "real estate" in those areas and it definitely helped to pull things down to line up better. I think I can still take just a few mm on the right side and then I think i'll be good to finally assemble and drill a few holes
  6. THANKS PANDATROOPER I'll try taking out a bit more on those "S" curves. It's getting there though. Better than where it was yesterday. I'm feeling better about it
  7. thanks for the tips everyone. I've been fretting over this piece. This ATA is so different from other TKs I've assembled. As far as the sides are acting. I spent 2 hours fine tuning and making small trims and here is where I am at. I don't think I can trim anymore. If I do, I won't have anything to grab onto when screwing the (2) halves together. The "tubes" are lining up much better now on the sides
  8. I've really not taken much away at all as far as trimming. The helmet is held together with clamps and even before I trimmed the rear cap wasn't lining up with faceplate as far as the sides and bottom are concerned. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Yup. Trimmed bottom, brow & sides. It's just not looking right. I'm nervous to fasten it together Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I've built a few helmets: MTK TK helmet, Tusken, Royal Guard, etc... I'm to the point where I am almost ready to fit the 2 halves together. I have trimmed and although I know some trimming (around head opening) is still needed, I can't seem to see how it will fit together properly during a test fit. I'm stressing over this helmet...something isn't right with this rear cap. It's not shape right. I know the ear caps cover it up but it's the bottom near the opening (on both sides) & the way it looks like there will be a gap left out that won't have anything for the black finishing trim to grab onto.... It's just a weird shape to the cap back. The sides are making me bonkers. The way they are it seems even after I put on ear caps it still won't look right. The rear cap is lined up and centered on the faceplate via clamps so why are the sides giving me such a fit? Could it be a bad vac-form pull? Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. The DLT-19...a blaster I've always wanted. Since it will be awhile since I can afford to do another full costume / armor, I figured I could build some Star Wars props / weapons. So far I have done a few weapons from the Star Wars universe: E-11 Hasbro modification (Hasbro mod's + Doopydoo's add-on kit....that I really like), Gaffi stick (from scratch), T-21 Heavy Repeating Blaster, a DL-44 Rubies (w/ slight mods and new paint job for my dad's TIE Pilot) and now a DLT-19 as a 3rd weapon for my Sandtrooper. This is a work-in-progress so I'll add pics and "how-to" as I go on. First, I started with a rough copy of the "Wizard of Flight" plans. From there I brought it into AutoCAD, re-scaled and sketched a new design. Slightly simpler but with detail. I also sketched new template for the barrel holes as well as custom sketches for detail greeblies and parts. The proper width of the blaster can be achieved my utilizing (3) sections of 3/4" board glued and screwed together. I chose white pine. It's lightweight and also not too expensive. I transferred my custom templates, used my jigsaw and glued the together. I decided to attach the grip / trigger separately for various personal reasons. If you look closely at the above picture, you will see I made a "groove" in the center piece to "countersink" the grip / trigger. Once the wood glue set overnight, I sanded for about 2 hours to give the overall main body a nice finish and to round out and square off any uneven planes or edges. (2) 2" wood screws were sunk to make sure it was held together firmly. The screw holes and gaps were hit with some wood putty and sanded smooth. Turned out very smooth. I'm very pleased. For some of my top and side greeblies, I'm using 1.5mm styrene (0.059" thick) (purchased @ local HobbytownUSA). I like the styrene because it's very thin and also gives great detail once the blaster is painted, finished and weathered. I also will use some Sintra (PVC board) that I have laying around for some of the barrel greeblies. The Sintra that I have is around 1/8" thickness. (Attack of the Clamps) Next, I began studying pics of the DLT-19. Upon looking at numerous angles I decided I want to "sculpt" the "big details" into the main body to get it as close to representing a scaled model of it. I'm going for detail but not going for 100% accurate. That would be very hard without have an actual cast or vac-formed blaster. Here's the start of the body carving loosely based on the screen-used DLT-19. Got a little more work done on the barrel. I am using 1" diameter (Schedule 40) PVC pipe for the main barrel and a small (4 1/2" length) 1 1/4" diameter (Schedule 40) PVC Pipe for the part of the barrel coming from the main body. I have "test fitted" these PVC pipes together via AutoCAD by being able to draw them in their actual nominal diameters which allowed me to check out how they all fit together due to their actual diameters and wall thicknesses. Should be nice when all said and done. I also spent 15-20 minutes redesigning the "barrel hole" templates. Once i got the correct lengths cut out of the pipes, I taped the templates on and they fit very nicely. Just about perfect if I do say so. I start the holes by drilling out pilot holes with a 1/8" diameter drill bit. Lots holes. Pretty boring. Next I will go back and drill those 1/8" holes with a 3/8" diameter bit to give them their final sizes. I also began work on one of the PVC connectors that will be finished to resemble the barrel tip that has the flash hider on it. I see the DLT-19 has some sort of grooves. So...back to AutoCAD I went and designed a template for that based on measurements I took from the "Wizard of Flight" sketches. I used a small jewelers file to get them "carved" into the PVC connector. I haven't started on this part yet, but I went to Walmart and picked up a $3.50 funnel. I went with the super tall and skinny type because it will give me a better shape for making the flash hider that goes on the tip of the barrel. Spent an hour after work working on this thing. Having so much fun building it. It's really taking shape. Today I finally drilled out the 3/8" barrel holes and also did lots more sanding to the "stock" as well as sanded down more wood putty to cover up numerous dings and knocks in the wood body. Very nice and smooth. I also rounded a few edges that are rounded on the actual blaster. It's really starting to take shape. (**NOTE** In the picture...the hole for the barrel doesn't look centered...but it is. It appears off-centered because part of that one side is carved away so it gives the appears of being off-center) Barrel's freshly drilled out..PVC connector pieces added just to give myself an early look at what it looks like. Templates I made are still attached. (Barrel not attached...just lying against the main body. I like the early incarnation of it. Beginning to work on scratch-made stationary bi-pod this week) Started out as a busy work week for me (plus the wife being out of town so I had the kids alone for a few days). Finally had an hour after work tonight to get a greeblie made for the barrel. I scaled this piece from scratch via AutoCAD and transferred the template to 1/8" thick Sintra (PVC board). With my Dremel, a sanding wheel and a few various drill bit sizes, I was able to create this and test fit it to the middle of the barrel. It has a great fit. Here are some pics of the greeblie and the test fitting. spent 2 1/2 hours making more progress on the barrel...check it out I am attaching a piece of 3/4" (schedule 40) PVC pipe into the main body and it sticks out enough for the 1" PVC (main barrel) to accept it via 3" or so. In order to make the 3/4" and 1" (schedule 40) pipes to connect, I had to use my Dremel and a sanding wheel to decrease the thickness of the outer diameter until it fit. It's not pretty but it's secure and will be even more secure once I apply some Medium ABS Cement. That stuff is used when fitting PVC together. It welds (melts) the PVC to each other. Awesome stuff. Once the 3/4" PVC was installed into main body of DLT-19, I added (2) screw thru the bottom of the main body to secure the piece. (Rough assembly) Next I began the fabrication of my bipod. I'm making mine from scratch. I found a great metal shelf hanger @ Home Depot. http://www.homedepot.com/p/ClosetMaid-12-in-Shelving-Support-Brackets-2-Pack-76606/100143993?N=5yc1vZc89l I will be cutting off the "hooked" tips and hammering the ends out to be able to attach to a small 1" dowel rod piece
  12. Got back from the Comic and Toy Expo a few hours ago and it was a success. The guys at Captain Comics who organize the Expo each year welcomed us with opened arms and treated us like family. We were set up in a very large area just before you walked inside of the main hall room where vendors & artists had their wares out for sale. It seemed like everybody there had a great time. We must've posed for 200+ photos. Which are always more than welcomed. The comic shop hired a wonderful photographer who was very nice and great with the fans. She will be posting pics on her Facebook site from the event soon. I believe the Expo pulled in around 550+ attendees. Pretty solid crowd. Last year they had around 425 attendees. They said every year it gets bigger and bigger. Hopefully more CG members can come down next year. The only Imperial presence was myself (TD-5945) and Ronnie Boyd (TI-19538). A local upcoming CG / 501st recruit (Chris Gould) was kind enough to let us setup his Death Star walls backdrop along with his Gonk Droid and Jawa that he built. The Jawa looked great. It was a static mannequin but looked great alongside of us. Little to our knowledge, a local R2 Builder here in Charleston used this Expo to unveil his R2 build he's been working on for 2 1/2 years. Needless to say, R2 joined us for most of our day. Which was more than welcomed. We also took some pictures w/ some cool Cobra Viper friendlies. Nothing like the Empire and Cobra teaming up. Captain's Comics also had a sign made up for us to collect donations (however much someone wanted to donate) for MUSC Children's Hospital. At the end of the event, we had raised $136. Not bad. People were pretty generous in dropping something in the jar after taking pictures with us. Here are a few pictures from today's event.
  13. Last night the Carolina Garrison had the privilege of trooping the SC Stingrays Hockey - Nerd/Con Night alongside a local students robotics team who were there to show off their "frisbee-throwing" robots. It wasn't your average R2-Unit but they were impressive. It wasn't a sell-out crowd but the local Charleston, SC team won 5-2. But enough about hockey. Members of the Garrison came together and displayed a great 501st Legion table in the Main Concourse of the North Charleston Coliseum where we displayed an impressive amount of props as well as freebies from the Empire. Some items on display were: Biker, Stormtrooper and Clonetrooper helmets, Imperial propaganda, LEGO Star Wars stickers, 501st Legion temporary tattoos, action figure display and more. A local comic shop who were set up down from us brought over some Star Wars comic book to place on our table too for attendees to take. It was a great display. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the display. A few things the Garrison did during the duration of the hockey game: - stood @ 501st table and posed for pictures - went on ice during 1st Intermission to play games - rode the Fan Zamboni, walked on ice with visiting robots and threw out t-shirts during 2nd Intermission One not so great moment of the evening: - I dropped my T21 blaster and the grip broke completely from the main body. Needless to say I was annoyed since I spent 4 months building it from scratch. A few cool moments for myself: Besides getting to bring smiles to faces...I got to troop with my Dad who just finished his ANH Tie Pilot armor and whom has just submitted his app to join the 501st Legion/CG. I also had the privilege of holding a Cad Bane-style blaster made by Woodchuck. Very high quality build using mostly wood. Very fine craftsmanship indeed. Needless to say it was a night filled with fun and some of us had the opportunity to see some familiar faces of the CG as well as some welcomed new faces to the Charleston-area whom took the time to drive a few hours down from the Upstate SC-area as well as Charlotte. It was a pleasure trooping with everyone and hope to do it again in the future. Nothing better than BIG trooping events. The night couldn't have ended any better than continuing to enjoy everyone's company for a late-night 10:30 pm dinner at the local Chili's restaurant. In attendance for this event were: TD-5945 (Jason Boyd) TD-4734 (Greg French) TI-8560 (Brad Lee) TB-933 (Larry Press) TK-0976 (Cher Lambeth)...who decided to wear her ANH Princess Leia TK-5940 (Tom Gardner) Ronald Boyd (TIE Pilot / ANH...submitted 501st app...awaiting approval) Chris Gould (upcoming 501st Legion Biker Scout) Jennifer Lam-Koronkowski (upcoming 501st Legion Mara Jade) Natasha Cox (visiting member of Mandalorian Mercs) Here are the photos....enjoy, there are a bunch.
  14. Mission Report - 01.26.13 (Shoot-The-Trooper event) A few members (and upcoming recruits) of the Carolina Garrison swooped in at the Carolina Children's Charity Snow Day event this past Saturday. This event had snow play areas, live music, food, corn-hole tournament, silent auction, local artists, etc. We showed our Imperial support by allowing the local residents to donate $ to the cause and playing Shoot-The-Trooper with a few 501st members. Along with playing the game with the crowd the members all took turns posing for the "never-ending...but always welcomed" photo ops. The money raised went towards Carolina Children's Charity, an organization which helps reward financial grants to local Lowcountry children with birth defects and/or childhood diseases from birth through 18 years of age. Needless to say, the event was a great success given that every time it seemed the line was slacking up...it just reformed and got longer. Here are some pics we were able to get from the event as well as a video from the local newspaper. In the video, you can see some the 501st members starting around 00:46. ***I'm also happy to announce that the Carolina Garrison raised $246 via the Shoot-The-Trooper game for the Carolina Children's Charity and 100% of the donations went to them.*** In attendance at this event were: TD-5945 TI-4734 TI-8560 TA-240 Jennifer (upcoming 501st recruit / Mara Jade) Chris (upcoming 501st recruit / Boba Fett)
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