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  1. Happy Birthday Spoox

  2. ...and yes, I am also dieting hard and already lost 20 lbs but guess what. I lost it everywhere except on my legs/thighs so I am getting frustrated lol My waist is nice and skinny though haha
  3. I know that the RT Thighs can fit up to 26" anyone know what the AM and others fits up to un modded/trimmed? If I want to be able to pull the thighs up nice and high over my girly hips without shims I need a little more then 26" so I am trying to find the maker that has the widest lol. If not I have no choice then to use shims I guess.. Please, if you have anything other then RT and un modded could you please measure and post it? Thank you!
  4. I am having the same issue with my old FX thighs... Still boggling my head around to see what the best option is to make it look at least look decent :/
  5. The thing is that it works fine at the beginning, but once I get warm and I begin to sweat inside the helmet and talk a lot in the mic it's when it starts.
  6. spoox

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter everyone!
  7. I'm sure it's no the wire because when I move it down and don't use it for a while then move it back and click it back on and talk it works again. It's very strange. I do have it directly in front of my mouth though and it has the sponge thingy over it.
  8. Now here is my issue. I have the nice little radio shack speaker amp in my chest armor and the wire goes up, under the helmet to my headset with the mic that goes in front of my mouth. At first everything sounds great but after a little while the sound starts to cut out for some reason. Now I am thinking it is from breathing in the microphone and causing some sort of moisture damage that shorts it out? Do you guys have issues with this? and is there a solution for it? or am I just a heavy breather? lol am I keeping it too close to my mouth? I mean, my voice isn't very powerful in the first place so I need all the help I can get haha. Any ideas or advice on this?
  9. Awesome pics!! Wish we could have gone but... being from Alaska... we would die in Florida! lol
  10. I might replace the loop I have around the finger for velcro. Thats a good idea! The top of the belt loops are cut so they no longer stick out I received the CAP helmet and it looks awesome! Now all I need to do is replace the ab buttons and work on is my blaster and I can apply for my TK status, yay!!
  11. haha can you guys tell that the boots are like 1.5 sizes too big? lol. I added some insoles in them to fit a little tighter. the size 10 was the smallest size caboots had.
  12. Thanks everyone! It sure was a lot of fun Now all I need to do is wait on the CAP helmet I traded for and my blaster. I might be able to pull off to become an elite! yay!
  13. Here some pics of me in the local parades. We have 2 here. One in Downtown Juneau and one on Douglas Island. Total time in costume: 7.5 hours Injuries: Bruised upper back of calf from thigh back corner Swollen top of feet from shin armor digging in 1 blister on left heel Bruises in elbow pits from lower arms Not bad for a first troop! Costume had no malfunctions and considered the minor injuries it was quite comfortable and easy to move in Fireworks at midnight (picture from newspaper): Parade assembly grounds with fiancee as Captain America: Posing in front of the truck: Definitely more comfy then the clone armor!!: Walking in the parade waving:
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