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  1. WOW you are right but why?!?!?! They are grey in the game....
  2. So a little update! I will add the pictures later. I removed removed the return edge at the front of the forearms; I painted one bump on the ears; The belt proper has now eight Chicago screws on each side and painted them white. I used the ANH measurment; A friend of mine is working on the overlap. I want to change the strapping in my armor. I bought some elastic but dont know if it is durable... I have to check that. The project is on a little hold right now. I have my intership on a construction site, so I'm wacked every day and I have to work on the Saterday. I have only a question. I have a shime between my torso and the back. I want to replace it but does it look better if the shime is in the background or on the same level as the rest. It's now on the background. I don't know if it looks better if it is equal with the torso and the back because of the u shaped gasket. What do you think? @magniThat looks amazing! Love your battle damage (you need to paint your drop box )
  3. Hello Randy! Awesome that you are building a Commander! I really love it! Do you have some pictures? Love to see your commander :D. The plan is to re-do the strapping on the inside, make it better. I have to order some black elastic and buttons . I'm really excited to start on this project, hopefully it will suit better for me!
  4. Wow! Thank you for the picture and the help!!!! I will ask Tony or Andrew for what to do best .
  5. I'm working on my commander to get centurion status, I have EIB! There are a few point I some help with! I have looked around on the forum, but a lot of pictures are gone.... - Forearms: No return edge on the inside of the front of the forearm is allowed. So I have to cut it all away? The forearms are really big for my arm, I have foam in it so that it stays on. Is it a problem that you then see the foam? (it is black). (I need to resizes the length of the forearm, so it is a plus point, but I don't want it to look weird....) -Kidney & Posterior Armor: Two rivets shall be present on each side of the kidney plate, approximately 4mm from the inside edge of the U shaped gasket or molded lip that is adjacent to the ab plate. There will be one rivet near the top and one near the bottom on each side. They may be painted white, or not. What is the head size of these rivets? Is it 4 mm from the top and 4 mm from the side? Are Chicago screws allowed? -Belt: The belt proper shall have (eight total) white rivets. Two rivets close to each side of the thermal detonator, and two rivets approximately an inch away from the edge of the ammo belt (The rivets form a rectangular pattern). Again are Chicago screws allowed? What is the head size of the rivets? Sizes of the rectangle pattern doesn't matter? -Thigh Armor: The thigh ammo belt shall be connected by brads/split rivets only - standard rivets are not acceptable. Again are Chicago screws allowed? What is the head size of the rivets? -Helmet: Ear bars shall have only one or two bumps painted in black (rank stripes). Almost all of the pictures on the forum that has been shared are gone, which one do I have to paint? I have a coverstrip at the back of my thighs, I have to replace that with a overlap. I want to make a file of this overlap and 3D print it at school. I'm not really good with that so if anyone has the overlap in a 3D file and want to share it, I would be so happy!!!! Also I need to upgrade my battle damage . Any help is welcome I have been looking around but couldn't find it. Are there any Centurion Commanders?
  6. Does anyone know where I can order a tie pilot form rogue one?
  7. Thank you Andrew! Some feedback on you feedback the gap at the back will be solved, I’m changing the strapping on the tights. What I had is that my tights are strapped with buttons on my torso, that didn’t go well that’s what you see now. My right tight is hanging on my strapping on the inside and my left tight is button on my torso. I’m changing that ! The cap on the forearms is because they don’t have strapping. Normally I use patting on the inside of the forearm, because they are too big and too long and to keep them in place. I don’t think I used it here About the battle damage on the blue part, the paint doesn’t really show the black paint. I had to add soap to paint, so it would stay on the blue but I used matt black not satin{I think it’s more real than satin, dirt is when its dry a matt collar} it is there but you can’t really see it in a photo.
  8. Name: Daphne Blokland TK: 62317 Forum Name: AthenaIII Garrison: Dutch Garrison Armor Maker: CFO Helmet Maker: RS Props Blaster Type: SE-14R Height: 177 cm Weight: 83 kg Boot maker: Homemade Canvas Belt: CFO Hand Plates: Sonnenhein Neck Seal Type: Darman Electronics: Homemade Fans and Hovi speakers Ukswrath. Armor Photos Full Body Front: Full Body Back: Full Right: Full Left: Right Side Detail: Left Side Detail: Shoulder detail: Bridge detail: Helmet Detail Photos Front: Side: Back: Hovi tip detail: Lens color: Accessory Photos Ammo belt: Neckseal: Blaster left side: Blaster right side: Gloves and hand plates: { the battle damage is not really visible but its thereJ} Thermal detonator back: Action Shot: Bucket off:
  9. Hey nice tutorial! 1 question how thick is your leather?
  10. tk-62317 requesting acces http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20946
  11. Did it work with the magnets? Love the idea!!!
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