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  1. Just a stupid question but is MonCal and T/MC the same?
  2. Glad my videos could help, and there is a comment on this video regarding the bottom ear screw
  3. Stormtrooper Ranch Members like to help other clubs and probably 75% of our members are also 501st like myself. Glad I could help you out Cameron
  4. Thank you for the complement just trying to help out others
  5. TD, TK, TB-5438 please Add me to the 501st status. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=7271
  6. There seems to be some confusion in some areas about AM armor. AM Armor is made by TK Armor in the US (NOT TK Armour in the UK). TK Armor makes the AM and AM 2.0 armor and some were calling AM armor NE armor. TK Armor is also the one doing the TK Boots. His web site is www.mytkarmor.com. Hope this helps.
  7. TK Armor is the maker of AM 1.0 and AM 2.0 here in the US, and TK Armour is a UK based guy. I own probably 15 of TK Armors helmets and 4 sets of armor. Deffinatly two different makers. mytkarmor.com is the US based guy very honestly, high gloss, thick pulls, and all comes pre trimmed, but his site is no longer up but you can find him on Facebook as TK Armor. The shelf is all AM helmets starting from left to right AM, AM 1.0, AM 1.0 conversion to Hero, AM 1.0 Shadowtrooper, AM 2.0, and on the right is the AM 3.0. AM 4.0 coming soon with one piece cap/ back instead of the two piece cap/back.
  8. My boots were very comfy right out of the box. Trooped in them for the first time and feet never felt better. Defiantly getting another pair for my Sandy!
  9. These boots are great. Mine broke in fast and look awesome. Defiantly getting another pair for my Sandy.
  10. This is one of my WTF kids buckets
  11. Love my CFO helmet. Hated the look in the movie but something about this helmet is sexy and just love looking at it.
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