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  1. https://youtu.be/vIY-0TfEWvU
  2. Whether he made the castings (molds/forms) himself or bought them from an un named source, I would think (as any reputable armor maker would) that being in the armor business he should have known it's not right to pull and sell without talking to and getting permission from the original mold owner (in this case CFO/Mark, and or JoeR). I'm sure if someone was to make castings (molds/forms) from one of his helmets that he would be livid especially if someone started pulling helmets or armor from them and sold them to the community! Being mad because of pictures on a CD in the past doesn't hold w
  3. I have a Facebook page that has some photos and videos on it. It's called " Traveling Helmet Museum" look it up https://www.facebook.com/groups/2201053330208373/?ref=share
  4. I have a traveling helmet museum
  5. I only have a few helmets and I will try and list them. I also have 12 full sets of armor. Helmets: Coffin Animated Series Clone DW Design Studios Phase 1 Clone DW Design Studios Luke X-Wing Pilot Clone6 501st Phase 2 Clone Penny Bark Bark Stormtrooper Protomatic Darth Vader Marco Stormtrooper TM Hero WTF Animated Series Stormtrooper WTF kids Tiefighter WTF Flametrooper WTF Kids Biker Scout WTF Republic Commando WTF Kids Sandtrooper WTF Kids Stormtrooper WTF Hero WTF Gino V2 Sandtrooper
  6. This truly is a sad day. I'm sorry Mark that this has happened to you again. First Maker of Things and now TM.
  7. Just a stupid question but is MonCal and T/MC the same?
  8. Glad my videos could help, and there is a comment on this video regarding the bottom ear screw
  9. Stormtrooper Ranch Members like to help other clubs and probably 75% of our members are also 501st like myself. Glad I could help you out Cameron
  10. Thank you for the complement just trying to help out others
  11. TD, TK, TB-5438 please Add me to the 501st status. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=7271
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