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  1. I don't even know why I forgot to put this in the original post ><br><br> The 40th anniversary Black Series case was supposedly leaked from a reputable Japanese retailer (I believe? It's not racist, I'm asian too!) which included somewhat if not more:<br><br> Han Solo<br> Princess Leia Organa<br> Luke Skywalker<br> Threepio<br> Artoo<br> Ben Kenobi<br><br><br> Still waiting for the vintage collection to return... nothing beats the kenner cardbacks... NOTHING!
  2. Yeah, but you still get your opinion heard, which is a bonus.
  3. I think a couple of modifications can be made to look more accurate.<br><br> Helmet,<br><br> Helmet base can be from a BS rogue one, but the eyes should be cut a bit more, and lenses pushed foward slightly like a bubble (Look closely at images, lenses aren't flat, they're rounded)<br><br> Lenses could have a darker tint placed behind it as it isn't dark enough (Movie one looks as if it uses the welding tint colour or emerald green)<br><br> Ears. The ears on the black series helmet is too thin (Skinny) from the front view to look accurate.<br><br> I think if 3-4mm of body filler is added to the face of the ears, it could look reasonable.<br><br> Frown should be painted darker.<br><br> Brow, uh... brow looks little too high for me. I understand in the movie, the brow is assymetrical sometimes and varies between troopers, but the BS is just too high IMO. <br><br> I would try and modify it, but they way the helmet is designed would be a waste.<br><br> Battery compartment... remove it., scrap the the battery cover (Not the compartment cover) and use as abs paste, and cover up the seams and imperfections on the helmet.<br><br> Then polish it with the ye-old toothpaste and vinyl... (I've tried it on my helmet, so it should work.. the polishing of course, not the abs paste)<br><br><br> It's alot of work to make the helmet accurate. They used the same 3D model that they've used for the jump trooper figure as far I can tell... Further back, the helmet looks good like on film, moving in, you eyes zoom in on the middle sections which gives a weird optical illusion as if it is squashed.<br><br> I'll try to modify my helmet to meet my standard, and I'll report back once I'm happy with it.
  4. No problem, I accidently deleted the tab while i was making this topic 3 times xD, so I ended up moving onto my computer so I wouldn't pull that mistake again.
  5. I mean the Black Series voice changer line.. sorta? They never stated in the survey that it was a voice changer, and just called it a helmet (Not a half mask, full helmet like the kylo ren and RO stormtrooper)
  6. Twisted Darth Vader Helmet.... Twisted things Chewy has been doing to the Darth Vader helmet... Just incase someone didn't understand...
  7. Hasbro has a survey they want you to participate in. In summary, they want to know" What you want them to improve in, what you like in a collectible, what you'd buy, and what you dislike. Here's the link if necessary: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SWTheBlackSeries There's a 20% coupon after you complete it HasbroToyStore (I didn't get mine yet >.<) They hinted at many future products, so here's what you probably came for: 6" Figures Padme Amidala Mace Windu Figrin D'an (ANH Cantina Band) Ponda Baba (Alien from ANH Cantina that dislikes luke) Han Solo- Bespin Princess Leia- Hoth Dengar (Oh baby!) 4-LOM Lando Calrissian- Jabba's Palace Bib Fortuna (Jabba's servant) Luke Skywalker- Endor Camo Admiral Ackbar (Hopefully the name isn't a trap... I'd buy the hell out of that figure) Ewok Captain Ithano (Captain that helped Finn out at Maz Kanata's place) Bodhi Rook (New Rogue One character) (Star Wars: Rebels) Chopper the Astromech General Grevious Dewback Gamorrean Guard Rancor Luggabeast (The Force Awakens elephant alien thing?) Rathtar Saw Gerrara (Rogue One appearance) Morrof (Fluffy white creature from Rogue One that looks like a Wampa) Other.... Wait what? 3 3/4" Figures Vintage Collection packaging of TFA Chewbacca Black Series Role-Play line First Order Riot Control Baton Ahsoka Tano (SW: Rebels) Lightsabers Darth Vader Roleplay Helmet Luke Skywalker x-Wing Roleplay Helmet TIE Pilot Roleplay Helmet Boba Fett Roleplay Helmet Emperors Guard Roleplay Helmet Captain Phasma Roleplay Helmet FO Stormtrooper Roleplay Helmet Sabine Wren Roleplay Helmet (SW Rebels) Emperor's guard Force Pike Rey's Staff Twisted Darth Vader mask (Remnants of the burnt one from TFA) At the end if the day, these are things they want YOU to decide to be made. So it's very like only 50% will likely go through. (That's a made up statistic BTW) After all, it's a survey, these are just a list of what they want you to number/choose
  8. I meant I saw him on ebay before, but I ignored him because he was a clear recaster xD sorry for the confusion
  9. Saw this dude before... Sad to still know he opperates and people buy his stuff >.<
  10. Depends i guess... Lucasfilm is wishy washy with who they give the accurate files to..
  11. If it helps, I have no intention of doing this, But i've seen it brought up on other costuming forums who can't get accurate armory and are forced to goto pepakura fan made models... (Non-star wars related)
  12. It's almost impossible to get a highly accurate newer movie models such as Rogue One tk's/scarif troopers...<br><br> But would it be wrong to 3D scan let's say a miniture hasbro scale model (The titanium series) or some hot toys RO tk and up size it for 3d printing and personal use.. (Key word, personal use) Most of the things they have seem to be accurate such as the TFA tk...<br><br><br> We all know lucasfilm/disney isn't going to just lend us the models, like they usually do to license holders...<br><br> Just how wrong is it?
  13. Sucks yo be you.. Helmet does look good though, but with some facial reconstruction, it will look gorgeous... Can't wait to buy a 3d printer, gonna ask one of my mates (Who models alot of things to a pretty darn accurate finish) for a commission..
  14. Does a lot of work... except the sculpt itself of course, he just does the easy painting... http://sithplanet.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/port-main-tie-pilot.jpg his... https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRn0zQ_Oa-fbDEaMniSE05mF7sj_HfaygIDRFIhPDI95ascMt4CAgvcX6Ru rubies... http://sithplanet.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/port-main-at-at-driver.jpg his with homemade greeblies that look like marker pen parts.... https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQHVOfF7Gh6GhvVgxEMNKQCEbtq3bKVBXZ1Q4D3a19SvX5f_ped rubies!
  15. Try to stay away from facebook if you can, if they're not the 501st or therpf members, I would assume they're scammers. Alot of people on facebook can get away with scamming or recasting, and if they're called out on it, they just move to etsy or create a new page usually. But I'm not sure yet, read his bio, I'll have to see if people have dealt with him before. *edit* just looked at his past work, you can forget it, recasted a rubies stormtrooper for an at-at driver, recasted a rubies tie-pilot etc.who does that? I'm pretty sure his esb helmet is also a rubies supreme vader too. He calls them "Fan-Made Props" but anyone with a braincell can tell they're recasts most of the time..
  16. Mouse sander all the way ! (Mine broke though) When sanding bondo, makes your work 10000 times easier. Most files today aren't designed for body filler, only woods and metal, so the stuff keeps getting stuck inside of the grooves, and you have to clean them nearly all the time with a wire brush. When i use to file body filler on cars, we used a dreadnought file (Since it's purpose was for plastics such as resin) Stuff didn't get caught as much in the grooves, and were easy to clean... To bad you can't buy them locally (Well, not aroung here anymore) Costs about 40 USD to get overseas
  17. I did that for a car... bumper turned out greener than the factory blue! xD it was so noticeable, like the cool white tk helmet to the creamy-ish white armor.
  18. Not trying to troll, thanks for the postive comment. My main argument was that scratchbuilds should be a tier-1 approved blaster, as scratch builds arent considered replicas in the 501st. You're the first person that hasn't related to a previous comment that I resolved.
  19. No one cares about my definition? Then they care about THE definition. Nice logic, although you missednthe point of just having scratch built approved. Thank you for being a minge.
  20. The definition was unnecessary since it's been posted already. I don't think you understand. I just want scratch builts to be able to be approved. We can't obtain a replica here. Scratch built fictional weapons are allowed to be made here.
  21. I know, Once I've understood what they meant, I've just gave some critiscm where they could improve on what they meant. But some people didn't take it too lightly.
  22. What's that supposed to mean? I just simply provided a very good argument as to why the requirements for a tier 1 t-21 and dlt-19 are stupid, and why 'based' and 'replica' are used in the incorrect manner as for what the members describe it as. Let me sum it up. Replica Firearms are illegal here. All I practically said was is that it was illegal here, so why cant scratch builds be approved (it's considered seperate to a replica) They're saying Replica firearms isn't an exact copy. but : Replica: duplicate, facsimile; imitation So, imitation firearm. My state police laws on firearms A replica weapon is a reasonable facsimile or copy of a weapon, even if it is not capable of discharging a projectile or substance, or a Category A, B or C weapon that has been rendered permanently inoperable or a hand grenade that is inert. So replica/real mg-34 or lewis's are out of the question. Now, based. Based just means originating or made from. Look, Movie based from this book. They say it actually means look alike. Which isn't the correct definition of based. So I say Look like a real, or replica mg-34 doesn't makes sense, compared to the definition Made or originating from a mg-34. since a replica is a copy of a real one. Hope you understand
  23. We've already agreed the pages were just poorly worded. Although some want to justify it... But they know I'm right
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