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  1. Yes >;D It's like the favor of Ralph McQuarrie over the Liz Moore/ Brian Muir for some people. It's just a re-imagination.
  2. That is weird... The only thing i've known that does that was superglue, since it's a liquid that becomes a evaporating gas... Just stay away from that brand (Is it epoxy resin, or urethane?) Epoxy resins do have problems...
  3. Huh? Since when... ion grenade... Droid caller (Han solo) You lie
  4. I'm talking about the tk thermal detonator. It'd be cool if someone modified one to have flashing lights etc.
  5. I thought so. So... who's going to make a "ideal" thermal detonator with glowing buttons? xD
  6. BTW, can someone confirm if the R-O tk is assymetrical? I've been looking closely at the helmet, the mic tips are clearly off-set, the vocoder seems to line a tad to the left looking straight on, and some o the tube stripes aren't evenly spaced... I think we can confirm it's assymetrical.... Maybe instead of 3D modelled, the designer went with hand-sculpting... Sorry to hijack thread... but atleast you get a good look at the shore-trooper... BTW, can we make a thread for details of the rogue one tk's?
  7. I'm not part of the 510st, so i didn't really check that out. Also, anovos has said they we're negotiating to ship to AU/NZ for over a year. june 2015 was a month to name...
  8. They look perfectly low to me towards the front, the back right (from tk perspective).. not so much.. Just get a exacto knife, carefully peel the edge of the first three/four on each side, then you can completely remove them (place them on baking paper to keep the stickiness while peeling others), and swap them with the other side. It should look fine after that. BTW, is that a RS bucket? looks super-neat
  9. I originally though it was a thermal detonator holder (holding some inside) but i guess I'm wrong... Could act like a c4 though? plant em on walls
  10. Anyone excited? I was literally just looking at the website for months, hoping i'd see shipping the Australia, Austria etc. When i saw it, i literally hit my head on my bed. Too bad i'm having money issues, lol. Why the hell did i not receive a newsletter from them stating that though?
  11. Not the ones in the tank, definitely.
  12. Oh boy, do i want to sculpt that... Brb, buying heaps of plaster and fiber-glass
  13. Nope, ESB has a special decal, much sharper, whilst ANH has hand painted details. So, if you're going for ANH, you have to get hand painted style decals, or paint them yourselves. If you going for ESB, you have to get ESB decals. There's minor differences, but noticeable up close. I personally like the look of ANH trooper.
  14. Huh, a SDS battle spec or "Standard" helmet i assume? Or SDS is just terrible assembling (and "recasting") helmets nowadays. It's not as accurate as the original, but i don't think that will prevent you from centurion... Good Luck. Also, try to stay away from SDS next time, His current armors don't have a resemblance to the originals, recasted/modified, who knows. They just aren't accurate.
  15. Highly sure it's centurion approved, pretty sure you just need the correct materials (Screws, rivets, paints, lens) I believe you're allowed to have decals, aslong as it's ANH hand-painted style. (For that, you should try TK-4510) *Edit* Yep, Ears shall have three screws per side, one above and one below the ear bar and one at the base of the helmet. Ear bars have four bumps only.Not three. Traps/tears and tube stripes shall have the correct ANH TK details. Correct 'Hovi mic' aerator tips. Ear bars shall have only one bump painted in black (rank stripes). Neck trim shall be of an s-type profile rather than a u-type profile. Tears/traps shall be hand painted or use decals that emulate hand painted (with correct ANH TK details). You should be good to go, if you follow those. The rest is usually already detailed on the helmet, or self-explanatory. I also recommend trying to replace the mic tips, with keith mic tips.
  16. What a marvelous piece of work... i got a couple of ATA helmet kits a while back, and me being a first timer with no patience screwed up the first 2... Practice makes perfect right?...no..okay. So jealous of your work. I'd probably get another few helmet kits soon and possibly an armor... Keep up the good work
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