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  1. Sascha Raabe | 14469 | A4 | Tony Thank you!! Bitte schön! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/14469-centurion.png
  2. Hi there! Thank you so much for these good news! This really makes me proud! I'm looking forward to serve the Empire as good as I did it the last years Many thanks to TK-55550 for helping me out with taking this amount of photos Trooper support at its finest!
  3. Costume Information Mandatory Information Armor = RS Helmet= RS Blaster= DoopyDoo's + original counter & magazin Expert Infantry Request Thread URL Optional Height = 182cm Weight = 61kg Boots = TKBoots Canvas belt = Felix Imhoff (German Garrison) Hand Plates = white painted latex handguards (by Sonnenschein) Electronics= Fans by "Dirty Boy's Props"; Aker (Microphone+Speaker) - removable Neck Seal = unknown Holster = Frank Vahlke (German Garrison) Application Photos Armor Photos Full Body Front Full Body Back Full Right ​ Full Left Right Side Detail​ ​ Left SIde Detail​ ​ Armor Details Gloves ​​ Forearm Wrist​ ​ Shoulder Bridge Back​ ​ Shoulder Bridge Front ​ Thigh Pack Attachment​ ​ Sniper Knee Attachment​ ​ Drop Box Back​ ​ Crotch/Butt Detail​ ​ Helmet Detail Photos Front ​​ Left Side​ ​ Right Side​ ​ Back​ ​ Hovi tip detail​ ​ Lens color (Backlit)​ ​ S-Trim Accessory Photos Ammo belt Holster Attachment Neckseal Blaster left side Blaster right side Thermal detonator back Action Shot Optional Interior Strapping Kidney Notch/Abdomen Snap Abdomen Detail
  4. Thank you very much for your opinion, and for giving me the incredible EIB Status! I'm really proud about that. I'll edit the application with the missing photo as soon as possible. In time, I might shorten the holster straps, which are indeed to long. Thanks again, I salute!
  5. Hello Troops! After I got my 501st approval this February, it's time to see how high I can go with it. First step: Requesting the Expert Infantery status! Here we go... Name: Sascha Raabe ID: TK-14469 Garrison: German Garrison Mandatory Information Armor Maker = RS Prop Masters Helmet Maker = RS Prop Masters Blaster Type = DoopyDoo Optional Height = ca. 182 cm Boots Maker = TKBoots Canvas belt = RS Prop Masters Hand Plates Type = white painted latex handguards (by Sonnenschein) Gloves = rubber gloves Electronics = Fans by "Dirty Boy's Props"; Aker (Microphone+Speaker) (removable: Optional attachted) Holster Maker = by Frank Vahlke ARMOR PHOTOS Full Armor Abdomen Details/Strapping Helmet details Blaster details Accessory Details
  6. 501st access requested TK-14469 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=18224&costumeID=124 Thanks! Best regards from Germany!
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