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  1. The number on the bottom is no serial number. This number is the same on every scope.
  2. It's not that small. :-) It is starting right after the M19 with "No" and then the number. And as you can see on the scope i quoted from hairball, there is no "No" and no number, too. I also found 2 other M19 scopes in the internet, having no serial number, too. So it seem to be not so unusual. But why they have no serial number? The date is always 1942. But there are scopes from 1942 having a serial number, too.
  3. Googling for a M19 i saw your M19 and realized, that it has no serial number, just like mine. I wonder, why they produced telescopes without a serial number back in the days? Or is this backpiece of the scope replaceable? And a spare part has no serial number anymore?
  4. Tyvm @ all. :-) @ Tr00per, although it came to me that way, you are right, it need to be switched ;-) @ r_garcia3rd: i bought the parts and assebmled it on my own. A member of my garrison painted it with the correct structured paint, because the sterling was very used and had as good as no black paint anymore. I didnt need to drill holes in the sterling or glue anything on the sterling, so i could disassemble it again without problems. And i assebmled the T-Trackes using a heat gun instead of boiled water.
  5. Real Sterling Real Telescope M38 1942 Power Cylinders by PlayfulWolfCub (REAL VINTAGE CAPACITORS) Real Hengstler Counter 400 with metal housing
  6. Ty all :-) But hey, as long as the tk suit fits, no gym is needed. ;-)
  7. Hey, this is TK 43045 and me (in the front) in the new mastercard commercial. ;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFS9eLfQASU&feature=youtu.be
  8. Ty for congratulations. :-) @ Scott: alright, got it. :-)
  9. Hi Steve, tyvm for the tips so far and eib. :-) The pictures show the armor how it is build at the moment. with having the ab and kidney aligned correctly it looked like this: is this gap between back and kidney still ok? the pictures showing the armor overlapping adulate me a little bit. as you can see on the last picture (which you quoted), ab and kidney are not overlapping, so i would have to keep the extra plastic there, do i?
  10. First of all ty for the tips. :-) The problem is, that i cant move the Abdomen armor more upward than it is now. That means, the kidney has to move down to align both. This was clear before the build, too. And there were 2 decisions: moving the kidney down and having a pretty large gap between back armor and kidney (which is visible and does not look nice) or moving the kidney upward with having a not aligned (but not really visible) adjustment. I also cant move the back down a bit more because of the curve on the top (i hope the pictures show what i mean).
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