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  1. TKC 69901 requesting access to EIB submission form. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=16400&costumeID=139 I hope this is correct.
  2. I’m a bit confused, I thought I did submit a link here. I tried to make a request on the EIB request form but there isn’t an option to post a request that’s why I’ve posted here to get permission to post there.
  3. TKC 69901 requesting access to the EIB submission forum to submit my EIB application.
  4. I'm looking at getting a TK, I currently am a specialist TX from RS. I am wondering if I should go with a PVC instead of the ABS. What experiance does anyone have between the two? What would look better? What is cannon? Which one is more durable. I'm going to make it a commander and I'm making it to centurion level. I was also wondering about the paint on PVC vs ABS. I know about ABS as that is what my TX is but wondered if the PVC would be a better option. Thanks for any help everyone. Ruck
  5. Hey Q just got my binders very very nice thank you! I am now more interested than ever in your E-11. Thanks again Q really nice work and please don't forget me when you do another run of your E-11, plus I also would like to get the black bindings with the bar in the middle but not right at this time I need to pay some bills lol. Ill drop you a line and hopefully you'll still be making them. Thanks again Bro!!! Ruck
  6. I'm in the process of building the Drunken Mynoch's outside amplification system, instead of drilling holes in my lid I took a wood burning tool with a very small bit and melted a slot in the ears between two bumps then cut the excess plastic away. Then I hot glued the mics in the ears behind the slot I made, you can barley tell its there you have to know its there to see it. I'm waiting on a padding kit to finish the lid so I can see how to run the wires and where to mount the sound boards, battery cases and switches. I also have three fans to install, one for the lenses which is a small computer fan, and the two others are squirrel fans to circulate air as I am hot blooded and Im a TX so I need the extra air movement. Waiting on parts just kills the time table! Plus I'm also putting the wireless mic and speaker system in, I'm currently waiting on Hyperdyne labs for there trooper sound board which looks like its not gonna happen cause he's been out of stock for at least a couple months. I sent him an email and he said he's only been out of stock for a couple weeks. I've been tracking his site for at least two months and he's been out of stock the whole time. Plus I've been reading the boards and similar posts have stated he's been out for 9 or 10 months. One post even stated they have been checking his site religiously for almost a year, so I don't know. I'm checking his site every day maybe he'll get some in, who knows. My discust in outdated sales threads is for another thread. I would post pics as I have a lot but I don't know how.
  7. That's cool that you let the kids hold it but to hold it up to a trooper.......... Not a good idea. I was a handler at a troop this last spring and there were many kids dressed up, a lot were Jedi, they had there own Walmart sabers. Our Darth Vader was taking pics with the kids and would hold up his saber for the pic and the kids started swinging at him. One kid thought he was a real Jedi and started swing real hard and before I could stop it he hit Vader in his helmet pitting a nice big scratch on it. The Mom was standing there and did nothing, she thought it was the greatest thing having her kid beat up Vader she was laughing. I finally stepped in and stopped the kid, but over all not a good idea with the saber and a trooper i would be pissed if a kid scratched my armor!! kids go too far and parents don't care.
  8. I don't think Mynock is doing those any more I've emailed him several times and so have others. He does however tell you all the components he uses and where to get them. Now he has posted a step by step photo diagram of how to put it together. Its very delailed a very good diagram even I can follow it. I am however altering it a bit. I have the components and just waiting on my armor. I'll post my progress and results when I'm done. I'm also going to put a wireless mic in my bucket and fans. I don't want any wires to mess with.
  9. Does anyone know if this guy is still selling his kits? I haven't heard back from him either I also left him an email on his web page.
  10. Do any of these armor makers do black shadow stormtrooper armor? The only one I've emailed is RS and that was a week ago and haven't heard back from them but I totally understand, I have read many posts on how busy they are and to be pataint, but I also was told that they don't make the back armor.
  11. If they make the shadow stormtrooper armor
  12. Thank u for your support. Do u by any chance know if the do the Shadow stormtrooper the all black armor?
  13. My first attempt at buying armor was well, I'll say a costly mistake, but with a little help from this site my eyes were opened to the crappy armor this company sells. I was able to return the armor for a full refund minus shipping, which was about $105 plus another $27 for the return shipping cause I never opened the box and shipped it back out the same day I received it. So a lesson learned but luckily not the most expensive one of being stuck with crappy armor. I was given a list of sellers that are known for there quality, the first of which I tried is RS props. I've sent two emails to them with no response other than the automated email that says they received my email and they'll try to respond in 24 hrs. But sometimes it may take a little longer. so far its been a week since the first email. I was wondering if anyone else has done business with them and if so is this normal for them not to respond back?
  14. Thanks to all that have helped me out with this matter as it turns out I was able to sent tha armor back they were actually really cool about it they have some sort of distribution center in Georgia so I am able to send it there with a full refund minus the shopping and handling fee which were like $105 bucks but live and learn at lease I'm not stuck with a subpar armor suit.
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