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  1. Scott Ruckert 69901 EIB LETTER SIZE MARIO https://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/69901-eib.png 322
  2. Scott Ruckert TKC 69901 Centurion Letter Size Mario https://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/69901-centurion.png
  3. Thank you so much!! It’s been a long road but worth it!! I would just like to thank Glenn and Mario for their never ending patients helping me at every step. At times it was frustrating and I got a little grumpy, I’m sure when they saw that I would send them messages they hated to click open, but they never were offended or discouraging. They answered me timely in their responses even though they are hours difference from me which helped me keep moving and not stall out. They both just kept pushing me forward to make my armor look as good as I could. I want to extend my deepest gratitude for all the time and patients you guys gave me with your suggestions and help. Thank you again so much Glenn, and Mario.
  4. Thank you Matthew. Actually that was before my upgrades. This is what it looks like now.
  5. Personal Info: Name: Scott Ruckert Call sign: Ruck 501st ID: TX / TKC 69901 Armor Info: Armor Maker: RS Props Helmet: RS Props Neck Seal: RS Props Under Suit: RS Props Rubber Gloves and Silicon hand Guards: RS Props Cordura Belt: CFO Boots: RS Props All seams overlap construction ( no cover strips ) EIB Approval Link: Helmet Front: Helmet Front Mic Tips / Vocder: Helmet Right Side: Helmet Right Side Ear screws: Helmet Rear: Helmet Left Side: Helmet Left Side Ear Screws: S Trim / Green Lenses: Armor Front: Armor Chest and Ab: Ab Buttons: Armor Front Legs: Armor Side Right: Armor Side Right Ab / Kidney: Armor Right Side Legs: Armor Rear: Armor Back / Kidney: Armor Rear Legs: Armor Left Side: Armor Left Side Kidney / Ab: Armor Left Side Legs: Sniper Plate: Ammo Belt Inside Right Leg: Ammo Belt Outside Right Leg: Boots: Thermal Detonator Game Version Front: Thermal Detonator Game Version Rear: Rubber Gloves / Silicon Hand Guards: Neck Seal: Forearms ( No Return Edges ): No Rivets / Snap in Cod or Posterior: Inside Strapping: Proper Split Rivets Used Throughout: Belt Front: Belt Left Front ( Buttons on outer edge, ammo boxes lined up with edge of ammo belt, cordura belt aligns with 45* inside angle, cordura belt has 4 split rivets ). Belt Front Right: ( Same specs as Front Left ): Rear Belt ( With closed drop boxes ): Belt Rear Left ( Closed Drop Boxes 4 Split Rivets ): Belt Rear Right ( Closed Drop Box 4 Split Rivets ) Weaponry: SK Game Version Lightsaber: Bucket Off Photo: Action Photo: Action Photo 2: End Transmission...........
  6. I fixed the belt the best I could and I’m going to open a Centurion request.
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