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  1. Got the official word This was a crazy intense build with a roller coaster of successes and failures. In the end, I've emerged far more confident working materials, met some great people, and learned a great deal of experience. What a crazy build. Holy smokes. I've got a TRamp sound system in the works with Gwendoline Christie spoken lines for a variety of video game content. Hoping to work that into the chest with a handler on the buttons. Can't wait to give that a test run. I'm honored to have joined the FISD and have been assigned a TK designation. In the final set of photos I sent, I had just received my gaskets and neck seal from Geeky Pink. Teresa was great, as I had also used her template for the initial cape build. What a boon to the community. The rubber gaskets from T&A looked great but restricted too much movement for comfort, so I had them swapped out which improved fitting and mobility, which is what I has struggling with. Thank you for following along on this build log!
  2. Tightened up the belt and abdomen section. The velcro attachment worked out easily for placement. The makeshift harness for the thighs did a good job as well. It kept the thighs up at a reasonable height to prevent the traffic jam of leg armor. An improvement overall. Looking forward to the cloth gasket upgrade. That should address any fitting issues I'm having with the rubber set. Huzzah. Coming to a close.
  3. I got to work on some fitting changes. For one, was the way I wear the boot armor. I had a problem with the outer shin armor sliding around and knocking on the heel. After simply moving the heel under the outer shin, it actually allows me to bend my knees without putting stress on anything. https://i.imgur.com/h6HvkvL.mp4 I made a rookie error and didn't get a harness for the costume until just last night. My thighs were attached to the rubber belt that held the boxes, cod and posterior. I was hoping the snug fit of the armor, plus rubber gasket, plus a strap attached to the belt would do the trick. Nope. Gravity is still doing its thing. So I made a quick harness based on my own thought process, but I have opened an inquiry to Geeky Pink on Facebook for a set of gaskets, harness, and bike shorts. In the mean time, I've modified my set up for a better fit: To resolve the abdomen/belt gap, I've added a 2inch strip of nylon around the abdomen and put velcro strips on the belt to help hold the position. The thigh harness seems to do the trick. It's just nylon belting and clips. The straps go down the back of the thigh and clip in the rear. The straps can be cinched to pull the legs up. Test fits seemed to work after adjustments. I don't think we'll see the straps with the cape on, but there's plenty of room to move things around.
  4. Test fiiiitttttt Huzzah. Now to make it comfortable. I found that my belt was sagging under the weight of the thighs. I plan to attach the belt to the abdomen section (via nylon+velcro hinge) to steady everything and help keep it high and tight. Once the thighs are in the proper place, the knees will open up more and it won't be such a train wreck in the shins. I made a black nylon Boba-thong to assist with keeping the cod down. It attaches to the posterior armor. I feel the rubber gaskets need to go. I made them work for what they were out of the box, but I feel a tailored set of cloth gaskets would assist with mobility. The rubber set was snug and made for restricted, snappy movements. Still need to steady the shins and boots more than they are. I really don't think the mylar tape is a good idea. I think it'll damage the finish. ...but I guess that means tape the same section every time after that and it's a done deal... but I'll wait for the need to arise. HUZZAH. Test fit. What a chore. fun costuming exercise.
  5. In the down time waiting for a final suit up, I've squared away a few more things I didn't think I'd do: I attached the thermal det to the lower back plate with a screw and washer. Figured it's optional for TFA, but hey, there it is. Maybe one day the wind will pick up the cape and I'll see it, lol. I used the TLJ detonator for placement and paint. I used the black matte enamel on the end caps and back panel. Taped off the left cap to make the pin stripe. Last thing is I picked up some Mylar metallic tape. 2 inch x 72 yards. Looks good! This can be used to help keep the shins closed if I anticipate a lot of movement, maybe a parade. I guess a quick fix where black tape won't work out. A bit of hesitation, however, since the chrome finish can be lifted by tape, or the residue leaves impressions on the finish. On the upside, I've got glue on the surface that might get lifted instead. Something to keep in mind when and if I use the tape to secure something.
  6. put on a few finishing touches on the captain's cape: Pockets, straps, and some extra stitching on the seams are good to go. It is worth noting that I glued the two straps on the cape hem. If they were to be sewn on, we'd see the stitches in the stripe. So, they're clamped and drying. For the final fitting we're going to sew folds anchored into the cape to hold the look and shape around the shoulders, then install the cape clasp at the right shoulder.
  7. Did some work on the lower legs. Yay. I could lock down the ankle a bit better, but it's in a good place right now. Here's a look at the completed leg: I have the upper shin armor strapped down with nylon and velcro. That strap holds down the back plate and the front plate velcros to the strap. It kind of works. I need to revisit each of the pieces and really dial it in, but its in a good place. For the toe, I went with an elastic strap under the arch of the boot to pull the pringle shaped thing down. I put a small velcro tab on the back end of the toe armor that the pringle can grab onto, meanwhile the elastic keeps it down. When I move my ankle for walking, you can see the pringle slide up the shin and return to its position after the step is done. Armored Ankle and Toe Movement Need to run interference for my wife so she can finalize my cape lol. Then, I think I can suit up for the first time.
  8. Another small update: Got the uppers sorted out. The shoulders are on nylon strips velcroed to the shoulder bell and yoke. The chest is wrapped around my neck and clipped at the rear. I explored other ideas for attaching this, but didn't want to commit to any one way. The cape and helmet will easily cover this attachment method. I'll likely add velcro/nylon tabs to the sides where the back and front align. The abdomen corset is giving me a hard time on the way the chest sits. The upper armor overlaps the corset, but causes additional strain to how it sits, so I might need to revisit a way to secure the shape. I've found the chest tends to raise up if it doesn't sit right. Been procrastinating on the shins, but they're up next.
  9. Quick update: Everything, including the helmet, blaster rifle, and cape, live comfortably in the Husky bin, with individual pieces wrapped in cotton bags. Huzzah. To get started, I filled in the black bits on various parts with a matte black enamel. Same stuff I've been using on the helmet. Its a nice flat black that pools and settles cleanly without much for brush strokes. Here's a before and after of the primary helmet: Everything got its Elmer's glue and paint makeover, which is a bit of black paint in a puddle of glue, mixed to the darkness of preference. The glue mixture can be applied in blotches with more paint for a darker application, or dabbed/dry brushed for a foggy effect. I feel much more confident handling this newly dirtied set of armor. It's a relief actually. I was always looking at any irregularity, smudge, or fresh scratch, as minor as they were with intense scrutiny. But now I like it. It will come off with a wet wipe or a damp cloth. A photo shoot in the rain would be awesome, but also awful. The main goal was consistency across the costume, while having pockets of clean chrome for pizzazz. It's dirty enough to be seen from like 6 feet, but at 10 feet it nicely subdues the bright chrome. The beacon of light it could have been would have been fun, but I like the peace of mind heh. We kind of forced a test fitting to get some cape measurements. Also decided how to strap the chest plate down. Still need to set up the shin and boot rig. The cape is weird. It felt heavier, or at least bulkier before I added the gloss coat gel. Now its wispier and not as flowy. It might need some massaging to jog its memory of how to be a cape. Now I'm lazy because it's so close and conveniently packed into a kit box. Still got that TFA anniversary target, so I have that going for me.
  10. I thought I'd be more productive, but the time off has been nice. Been pretty lazy, but the build is in a good spot now. Got the chest/shoulder rig thing ready to try out. Seems sturdy and comes up my arms high enough. With the back yoke on these should tuck in nicely. Waiting on the day I can put time in for the test fitting and measurements. This is an encouraging photo. Everything except the cape and helmet are in the box. A little First Order tetris organization and I'm sure the cape will put a snug finish to the bin. Hoping to get the cape length finalized, whole kit weathered, and final strapping tomorrow. Fingers crossed for some test photos!
  11. Not much here, but I got the gloves and gauntlets sorted out: I was going to glue these to the gloves, but it wasn't going as planned, so I went with velcro tabs in the fingers and knuckles. It works; when I curl my hands it pushes on the velcro. Speaking of velcro, I ran velcro tabs along the gauntlets and they can slip on and off. A downside to this set up is the abs gauntlet is thin and feels like it could tear if yanking at the velcro a lot. Once sized, it should cling to the gasket at my elbow. Test fits felt good! Next up is the shoulder gasket and shoulder rig.
  12. Screwed down the cod plate nylon to the rubber belt to the front belt boxes. Kablam. The right hip boxes are screwed down similarly and the cloth pouches move freely to hide the buckle that closes on the left hip. Posterior is velcroed to the belt for placement. Next up is to attach the drop strap to the thighs. Finished up the cape gel coat and put a few layers of red paint. 3 parts gel to 1 part black paint, mixed and applied with a brush. You can see the before and after on the fabric. Splattered a bit of the gloppy goop for effect. Took a swipe at the red stripe. May do another layer. Pockets and straps are coated! I think all the pieces can come together soon.
  13. These are awesome! Thank you. I went looking for them but I guess I didn't look in the right place.
  14. Ready to pick this up again. Got some time off next week and hopefully will be able to wear this thing by Dec 18th, which I believe is the 5 year anniversary to The Force Awakens, so I'll attempt to hit that date for funsies. Here are the two helmets: One I got from a buddy, and the other came with the T&A kit. One helmet had the nose attached, and since I was sending everything to get chromed, figured I'd quickly prep the 2nd helmet and send it off as part of the batch. There are notable differences in the surface work because I sent one prepped for chrome, where the other was only sanded to 220 and had some partial surface work in the grooves, but didn't fill all the pitting. This was a lesson in surface prep before it went in for chrome. I wanted to see how bare I could send an item and compare the prep work that would have been done for chroming. Seeing as the work I had done may have impacted the surface prep of the chrome, sending a bare finish with no filler was the test. The outcome: not bad but my prepped helmet is the one I'll be wearing out. The other is a fun shelf piece, emergency back up, tester. So I got some work in on the tester: I used a matte black enamel on the frown and eye line, the used a drop of black acrylic paint to several parts Elmer's Glue-All. It mixed to a light gray. I had seen a number of videos explaining the use of glue and paint to create a foggy surface weathering trick that I really like. Because both the acrylic and Elmer's is water soluble, I should be able to take off the weathering without too much fuss or surface damage to the chrome. Everything was applied using a ripped sponge to create an erratic texture to the application of the glue, which I lightly dabbed along the lines and in choice areas. Does anyone have reference links to high res Phasma images? I have an assortment of D23 images, but they're not really high res. I don't think I'll be applying weathering exactly to what I can see in the images, but where it seems appropriate and to give an even layering of coloration. The chrome is very bright, pretty much a TLJ bright, and the weathering can't really be seen from afar, but up close, will be noticeable and a fun detail for onlookers to see when up close. Wondering if I need to go darker on the weathering. Test helmet is all for this. Side by side:
  15. Heyo. Phasma is ready to be handled! I still wear gloves if I can, but fingerprints, smudges, and eventual wear and tear is going to happen. I've already dropped two pieces on a concrete floor today. That was great... nicked a corner of a belt box, but the shin took it like a champ. Whew. I should work over a carpet, heh. There's lots of stuff I need to get working on and additional research here on the forums to figure out how to strap this thing to my body. I've got some ideas to pencil out. Phasma Leg Day I started on the boots, found that the left foot is reallllly snug and I may want to replace the toe armor at some point to relieve the pressure on my foot. That sucks, but it'll do for now. Did a dry fit of the shins and shin/boot armor and it appears to be a good fit, but didn't take any photos while they were on. So this kills me a little... check out this heel: It's got like a quarter inch or more on either side and these boots are tight on me. I can't imagine filling that heel. The toe armor itself is already biting my foot, even if I went to my proper size, I'd imagine it would be harder. I may just have to order another set of boot plates, but, we'll go with what I have for the time being. On the upside, the shin/boot armor part goes over top of the heel and neatly hides the gaps. Maybe I can fill it out if necessary. Walking seemed to be okay. On the topic of leg day, I took a close look at the thighs. Remember all that reshaping, cutting, fiberglass, etc? Well, my first thigh didn't look so good because I can see the pattern (this is my bad for not filling it correctly) but the other was good to go. In either case, this will be behind the cape, so it's more of a "ah, so that's what happens." I revisited the F11-D and put on another mirror coat. Not bad, not nearly as reflective, but should meet the color reqs. I found a guy online who sells resin casts of this rifle, so I may pick one up down the line as an upgrade. The parts are even hollowed out for LEDs. I picked up the FISD 3D files, so I may give it another go, but at this point, I am so sick of sanding and filler primer that I just want to quit 3D printing altogether. Anyway - I'm going to get to work on the belt. I plan to screw the belt boxes to the rubber belt. I attached the covers for the cloth belt pouches, easy peasy, and they hide the buckle well. Once I have the spacing worked out, I'll drill in the boxes and sort out some velcro for the cod and posterior. Following that, drop down straps for the thighs. Whew, lots of work to do and I don't have what I need right now to make any more advancements. Now I'll be focused on one part at a time. Getting there! Ugh, and I still need to dial in the cape. Then weather everything. I tested the glue and black paint thing I want to do for the foggy armor look. Success. Comes off with water. Pretty sweet way to weather and that should disguise most of the imperfections and inevitable scuffs and scratches. On the upside, once the glue goes down, handling the surface becomes much easier and sort of gives it a second skin. I have to schedule a call with Chrome Factory for care and feeding of the armor and will share the knowledge I gain once I apply their techniques. More to come.
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