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  1. As Sylverbard said, NOVUS polish and even Meguiar's Car Polish works great as well.
  2. Here is my Helmet with Plasti-Dip and CheeseCloth :
  3. Yea.. Flat is No Bueno ... ( since its Cinco De Mayo )
  4. Just keep an eye out for HYPERFIRM in the for sale section .. you wont be disappointed. I have the HYPERFIRM DLT-19, T-21 and E-11 and couldnt be happier !
  5. True what Clint says ... Any small-ish child gets within a few feet of you, you wont see and is why most Troopers have "Handlers" .. My wife ( who was my handler this past weekend ) did a lot of "subtlety" getting my attention to direct me towards a child that i could not see. Another point is .. You can see more when you ONLY have your helmet on ... once you put your chest plate on .. the range of motion you head has changes.
  6. Todd was nice enough to bend down a few times.. LOL
  7. I have a few photos from my first troop. It was with Todd - " DEVILMAAN " and I must say .... I had an absolute BLAST !! Seeing those kid's faces is something I'll never forget ! What made it better... I had Devilmaan "Show me the ropes !" We were even on live TV ! ( WXYZ Channel 7 Detroit ) Anyway, here are a few ...and yes ... I DID get the " Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper " lol R4ZORBL4DE - Short Trooper Devilmaan - Taller Trooper
  8. .... and took delivery of my new Hyperfirm DLT-19 !! If you are looking for a GREAT trooping weapon, you MUST look into getting a HYPERFIRM. Practically indestructible and light weight ! Slavefive puts out AWESOME products ..
  9. Ask your Garrison Merch Officer he will help. If you are looking for FISD Detachment Trading Cards, you must Request 501st Status and then look for the thread in the 501st section This will also need to be move to the correct forum.
  10. Hans is correct .. the ears are on the wrong sides On a positive note .... it looks like you have plenty of material left on the ears to make the switch. And if that doesnt work .. ATA comes with 2 sets of ears .. Thankfully ...
  11. From ATA, of course ! Email Terrell .. he usually has Buckets "on-hand" ATAworks@yahoo.com
  12. Your build is coming along very nicely !! ... You'll be at it before you know it !! Anything I can do, just let me know !
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