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  1. If memory serves I added about 2.25" (~57mm) to the length between the seam line and where the curve starts. When assembled, my pauldrons measure 6" (15.25cm) from the seam to the base of the pauldron. Hope that helps.
  2. Standard TKs don't actually wear pauldrons, unless you're doing a Rebels TK or an R1 style TK (Jedha patrol) Or a HWT. BTW: Black = Private White = Sgt Orange = Captain
  3. I much prefer a 1-piece suit, that way the layers never slip apart when on long troops. Neosport dive skin from Leisure Pro- $27US. http://www.leisurepro.com/p-blrlm/neosport-unisex-lycra-spandex-skin-suit
  4. I don't play battlefront- is there a specific sound for the T-21 as well or is it the generic 'blaster' sound?
  5. I was wondering where they'll end up as well. No armour on the thighs, but armoured shins (with overbuilt TK left shins and sniper plate, no less) and forearms. It looks like the ab area is armoured as well. I imagine there will be a little squabbling over which detachment lands these guys. I really want to do one as a lighter/more flexible option to my TD. I hope the boots are both not rubbish and easily accessible/convertable.
  6. or go to your local hardware store and buy a welder's faceplate. They're around $7US
  7. Bolding mine. That's the only part I ever get stuck on as well. I put my pauldron on, then the right shoulder (snapping it in at the elastic shoulder piece) and I can get the left bicep and bell ON, but it is murder for me to get that one snapped. The first time I tried I actually broke the right bicep apart at both front and back seams. LOL
  8. My guess is that it's much more likely the case that the costume designers and stunt coordinator got together and decided that function beats out (what for 99.5% of the viewing audience) are microscopic details. Someone in stunts went "So, how many extra suits do you want to pull- 'cause if we use the old style suit our stunt guys might be breaking the thighs, shins and biceps with EVERY SINGLE STUNT. So figure 5-8 suits per take, and a given scene might be 3-8 takes. Figure a minimum 15 damaged plates a day, a maximum of 485 or so". And then costuming went "... we are NOT rebuilding each of these suits with every single stunt. That would be 100s of extra pulls! Why don't we mod the design so our guys can actually MOVE in them, and nobody is going to be paying attention to the gap between the back of the thigh and the butt plate anyway *except for those nuts at the 501st, and this will drive them spare!*" LOL As much as we hate to admit it, movies are not made for the detail obsessed crowd. They are made for the general audience. We're over here trying to count how many new parts are on the R1 TKs E-11s (a sentence that would boggle a normal person's mind) and everybody else in the theater is going "WOW, did you see that explosion! SO COOL HOW SHE DID THAT!".
  9. Even if anybody here was consulted I doubt the general forums would get any info. NDAs are mighty tools, and it's not like Disney doesn't have an armada of lawyers on-hand or anything.
  10. Two thoughts. The "Long lanky" look was for British acting extras c1976. Loads of these R1 extras are current duty British Army/Air Service (and probably a LOT more fit/built). Re: The belt- they probably did that because with the higher definition film today the canvas will look totally different from the rest of the armour- something that couldn't be said of the OT since people were adrift as to what the material was for quite a long time until the higher res versions were released. This way the belt looks to be all part of one unit rather than a cheap fabric thing added on after the fact. (don't get me wrong, I love the OT kit, but I'm speaking from a costuming/visual design standpoint).
  11. The new tanker crew DOES look sick! I'm really torn between them, the Death Troopers, and the new Brown-job scout-looking guys. (The less said about my desire to do season 6 Commander Wolffe in his Hazardous Environs suit, the better LOL )
  12. They are supposedly called "Death Troopers" and my bet is that they are direct-line descendants from the Republic/Imperial Commandos. I flipped the shot (because the trailer has this section reversed for some reason). Check out the heavy shoulder bells, the squared biceps, the loaded bracers (forearms), and the overall shape of the top/rear of the bucket. They've also got a much deeper backplate, which, while certainly not a Commando backpack, lends itself a heavier overall look than a standard TK/Shadow. Just spitballing here, but that is my first take on these guys.
  13. The top one that is already available. It's a free app, but if you follow the link you can see Chris' paypal address if you feel inclined to donate. I figure that it saved me at least $110US, so happily donated.
  14. Or, if you have an iphone there is one app already out that modulates the voice and adds click-off (I use this one, and it's excellent so far) http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/32270-tkvoice-for-ios-development-annoucement/ And another one that looks like it might be ready soon. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/34939-troopertalk-voice-changer-w-static-burst-app-dev/ For either one all you need to do is buy an Aker amp and a gaming headseat adaptor.
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