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  1. i see u got lukky whit new armor from kb_props. mine was very bad 2017 and got 4parts missing and more mail where are the parts and so. never again kb_props from me
  2. the sides on my kb_back is paperthinn where back and front meet on sides .any idea
  3. i feel i got bad molds from kb_props yours look better and i dont even have the kb on the abs . and the back sides are super thin , kb_props hardest armor to do i think bad mojo
  4. thank u for belt shipping was fast 1week to norway :peace:


  5. yes tfa-tk hardest work for me to . going crazy of detail work
  6. i didnt get a t-shirt and 5parts was missing not happy whit kb_props
  7. want some gaskets to norway :jc_doublethumbup:

  8. working on my tb soon done

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