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  1. Mr Miagi....monsieur karate....the man with the plan...the head tk in charge......please PM me when you get the opportunity...thank you sir J-me
  2. I printed my FO tk from this file from yeggi/thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2754159 My helmet is 90% and will knock your eyes out, of course I've put many hours in prep and finish, all worth it....good luck
  3. I couldnt agree more with the problems with 3d printing you mentioned (i.e. problems with cracking, etc.) And there are fixes for that (infill reduction, heat treatment, etc) I was just trying to convince the naysayers who are dead set against it....its the future, cant speak about a galaxy far, far away, but definitely for this nearby one.....and for those of us who have more talent and will than sense or money, it can be a great tool, if it's used just as that...a tool.....I love talking to intelligent people civilly.....refreshing...thank you guys
  4. I think you're selling 3d printing short, my bucket is ABS and probably one of the better designs, and finishes I've seen, honestly I believe it would sway your opinion, now, mind you, I didnt just print the thing out and throw it on my head.....it has HOURS (days if I'm being honest) of prep...all worth it, I've just always been a "do it yourself" kind of guy...I enjoy the labor intensive route.....I've always found it more rewarding
  5. Not once on any thread I have found, is a price comparison, or list, even approximate....help....I need FO armor only, 3d printed a bucket, its 90% done, and I'm feeling like a proud papa....if I could find affordable (like free) or close to it, 3d files I would print the armor also, alas, all I've found are either over priced, or unfinished....help
  6. You are a trooper, brah, LITERALLY!.....you have way more patience than I do, I wish I could see the helmet on you front view from the waist up, just to see the size a little better
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