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  1. You ever troop with a Sterling or MR? I think as long as the weapon looks like what it's supposed to, it should be good to go. I love hyperfirm, but I've seen other custom E-11's that look just as good.
  2. The site looks fantastic, and everything I hoped it would be!! Outstanding job 5118! Let me know what address to put those Reece's Buttercups in the mail to, and they'll be shipped ASAP.
  3. Hopefully I'll get this right: Hero (as worn by Luke & Han) Lowered brow Bubble lenses Six "teeth" Stunt Flat green lenses Eight teeth Here is a great page that explains the differences: http://web.ukonline.co.uk/bingo275/stormcompGinoCR_GF.htm
  4. The biggest difference is in requiring ANH style armor, but yeah I think yours are great suggestions as they do make your costume more screen accurate. Also, should we specify the number of teeth cut out & lens types, e.g. you need to pick either the Hero or Stunt variations, but not mix details?
  5. Correct!!! Your question? Oh, and some history I found on the MEPD boards as reference From Troopermaster:
  6. I figure by using his image it will encourage him to come up with new banners
  7. Request 501st status changes here. NOTE: we (the site admins) will periodically check the list of people in this forums database against the list of 501st members as kept by the Legion COG. People will be added or dropped automatically, so it's a good idea to ensure that the email address you use for this board is the same you use in the Legion records. If you need your status adjusted in between database checks, please post here. NOTE: You must include a link to your 501st record as per below, else your request will be ignored: http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=4733 **Please test your link when you post your request to make sure it goes to your legion profile page. We cannot use links for the Legion forum or Garrison pages.** 1. Go to https://www.501st.com/members/searchform.php 2. Input your TK number and "Search" 5. On the "Results" page click "More" to the right of your name 6. On this page that lists all of your costumes, copy the URL and paste it into this thread with your request.
  8. So I get this nice welcome package from Hyperspace, etc. and one of the flyers is from Kotobukiya - a huge multicolor insert about their new ARTFX series. Excitedly I try to use the URLs on the poster: www.kotous.com www.kotoStarWars.com And guess what? Neither work. You'd think their marketing department would have learned not to print collatoral w/o telling their web guys to create a site. :-p Off to Ebay I go...
  9. We trooped a parade yesterday - just nine of us but that's a good showing for our garrison. While waiting for the parade to continue during one of it's stops, someone went up to our Boba Fett and asked "Where's Chewbacca?" "Right here" says Boba, holding up one of his wookie trophies. Thunderous laughter all around
  10. How this works is one person asks a question, someone else has to answer. If the answer is correct, that person has to ask a new question. I'll start: which direction do the swoops face (back or forward) on the shoulder bells of a TK suit?
  11. I saw on Ebay some guy selling a set of fiberglass armor. Is there any advantage to fiberglass over ABS or HIPS? It seems really unusual, so I was wondering if anyone had any views/experiences with this.
  12. Attention Forum Members Users who are 501st members requesting a change of access please kindly request it on the forum. DO NOT REQUEST OR EMAIL the Webmasters to request a change of status. Although they have the power to change your status, it is not my job to deal with these requests. It is their job to ensure the proper running of the forum and to fix any technical problems. Emails, PMs, or any requests to request a change of forum access will be deleted or ignored. Please use the forum http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=16 and post your request there. NOTE: You mustinclude a link to your 501st record as per below, else your request will be ignored: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=4733 Key: Member = non 501st 501st Member = 501st but no current TK designation Stormtrooper = 501st with a current TK designation (aka detachment member)
  13. This is just a working draft, comments welcome. To qualify for Death Star Deployed status for an ANH stormtrooper cotume, the elements are: Required 1. ANH style armor 2. ANH style helmet 3. Canvas belt 4. Gray frown 5. Holster 6. ANH style E-11 blaster Optional 1. MG-34
  14. PROGRAM OVERVIEW Expert Infantryman status is not required for members of this detachment. It should be viewed as an optional set of requirements for those who wish to take the accuracy of their costumes to the next level, and be recognized accordingly. We're a costuming club - think of it as an award for costuming excellence and you get the picture. The requirements will not replace or supersede 501st standards, but only serve as an inspiration for the level of accuracy that can be achieved. The standards are meant to be high but achievable, and any changes to the standards will need to be approved by a majority vote of this detachment. REQUIREMENTS OVERVIEW Because the stormtroopers vary in details between each movie, Stormtrooper Detachment EIB (Expert Infantryman Badge) Requirements are broken down to include base Requirements that every stormtrooper must attain, plus movie-specific Requirements. This allows for a higher level of accuracy than can be achieved through a single standard. Troopers achieving this distinction will be listed on the Expert Infantrymen page. RELATION TO THE 501st Legion Costume Reference Library (CRL) Standards Ideally the 501st CRL would capture the EIB requirements in the "SHOULD HAVE" sections of the relevant CRL entry. However until the CRL's are 100% confirmed, we'll continue to break them out in their own area. BASE REQUIREMENTS (ALL) Base Requirements are applicable to anyone wanting to achieve EIB status in the FISD. They cover the basic costume and in essence cover what is required for Legion Requirements. NOTE: On 21-Mar-08 FISD has ratified that FX helmets are no longer acceptable for Expert Infantryman qualification. ANH REQUIREMENTS (CANON) In addition to complying with all base Requirements, stormtroopers wishing to attain ANH Expert Infantryman status must also complete the ANH Requirements. Unlike ESB and ROTJ, there are two different helmet options: the Hero and Stunt. Troopers must choose one or the other. Lastly, troopers may choose among several different options, such as replacing the thermal detonator with a combination of grappling hook and comlink. ESB REQUIREMENTS (CANON) In addition to complying with all base Requirements, stormtroopers wishing to attain ESB Expert Infantryman status must also complete the ESB Requirements. ESB Requirements are very similar to ANH but with some small differences, notably in the handplates, helmet, and holster / blaster. ROTJ REQUIREMENTS (CANON) In addition to complying with all base Requirements, stormtroopers wishing to attain ROTJ Expert Infantryman status must also complete ROTJ Requirements. ROTJ Requirements are quite a bit different from ANH and ESB as they entail numerous changes to the armor as well as helmet. HEAVY WEAPONS TROOPER (HWT) REQUIREMENTS (EU) Heavy Weapon Trooper (HWT) Requirements In addition to complying with all ANH Requirements, stormtroopers wishing to attain HWT Expert Infantryman status must also complete Heavy Weapons Trooper Requirements. Essentially a HWT is an ANH trooper with accessories: pack, pauldron, ammo pouches and of course a large weapon (BFG). They can be clean or have minor weathering. STORMTROOPER COMMANDER (TKC) REQUIREMENTS (EU) In addition to complying with all ANH Requirements, stormtroopers wishing to attain TFU (The Force Unleashed) Stormtrooper Commander Expert Infantryman status must also complete TFU Stormtrooper Commander Requirements. Essentially a TFU Stormtrooper Commander comes in two variations: 1. An ROTJ trooper but with the following ANH details: split butt plate, trapezoid hand plates, left side mounted holster, ANH Stunt helmet. 2. An ANH Stunt trooper with paint and scuffs. This is based on the action figures. Both of these must be painted in accordance with established visual references.
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