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  1. Please upgrade my access Shay Lattimer (TK14480) reporting for duty http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=27198
  2. Hi guys, Just wanted to thank everyone for their input. I went along to a local garrison armor party and had them take some photos and clean up a few minor things. For anyone interested here are the photos - now I am just waiting on approval (told there would be a delay due to 501st Elections)
  3. Thanks Harbinger, i appreciate the feedback and will make the changes and send through the photos
  4. Information Name: Shay Lattimer Garrison: Knightfall Garrison (VIC, Australia) Armor maker: RS Prop Makers Helmet maker: RS Prop Makers Cloth belt maker: RS Prop Makers Neck seal maker: RS Prop Makers Boot maker: Imperial Boots Blaster maker: RS Prop Masters Height: 5' 8" Weight: 78kg TK type: ANH stunt Realise belt is a bit loose in the photos and doesn't line up in the back with the velcro. ill retake those photos shortly, basically just want to get a general idea of what i need to change/update. Photos Front Arms Down: Back Arms Down: Left Arms Raised: Right Arms Raised: Ab Plate Up Close: Helmet Front: Helmet Left: Helmet Right: Helmet Rear: Blaster: Interior Lining:
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