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  1. I have tried that and it does not paste it into the message. It is very strange.
  2. Oh man! I am trying to enter photos and I cannot paste anything into the post! Any help?
  3. Well, here goes! I have been working on my little guys TD armor that I purchased from Walt. I have been taking photos along the way while I have been building and just now put them into photo bucket. I apologize I have so many at once. I have been trying to build this as accurate as I possibly can with what is available. I can't use traditional strapping as I want to build it so he can be in it for a few seasons. This is for all the dads and little dudes out there that want to be on the bad side!
  4. Beautiful application man! A fantastic set of armor for sure. One thing they may hit you on is the return edge on you shoulder bells and biceps. Here are a few photos if they help out. Well done trooper.
  5. Now time to submit for EIB trooper! Great looking armor my friend.
  6. Welcome aboard brother! Congrats on the new armor and I am sure you are looking forward to your first brown box. Best advice is to shoot for at least EIB right out of the gate. You will find it is not any more work to get the extra accuracy if you do it from the beginning. You will find that everyone on the forum will be more than happy to help you with your build. I think what helped me out the most when I started, was looking at a bunch of builds on the forum. Look at pinned builds and use them as a bit of a template. Make sure it lines up with all of the EIB requirements so you don't
  7. Quick note! Build to EIB right out of the box brother. Go the extra mile, it is way worth it! Myself or our Wisconsin attaché Brian Rodgers can help with any questions on making your armor the best it can be without a ton of extra effort. We have both been through it.
  8. We should inspire all our new troopers to strive for EI! It truly was no more work (other than a bit of research) to reach EI or Centurion. Going into my first build I wish I was prompted to go the extra mile on it. I have converted my first TK to a TD that just was approved for police officer status. I ordered an new set of TM armor and did it the right way from the start. Soooooo much easier to do all the details from the beginning than pulling apart all those parts coated in E-6000. I like the movement! Push all troopers to the best accuracy. Well done on this fellas!
  9. Not yet Walt. I get to start working on it next week full on!
  10. Welcome aboard my friend. You are in a happy place!
  11. Outstanding dude! Congrats on the new armor.
  12. Welcome Jason! Another member of the Wisconsin Garrison? I live in Green Bay and I have built three sets of armor. We live close enough, if you have questions give me a shout! Tim
  13. Hi Jeroen. I was wondering what you used for boots for your daughter? I am working on the little TD for my son and that has been difficult finding anything remotely accurate.
  14. I got the armor from Walt and I think it was around 300.00. Worth every penny! I have finished the bucket and got a mini Pauldron and mini BFG! My home computer is on the fritz but I will post build photos soon.
  15. Welcome aboard! I remember introducing myself on the board and suddenly I am 3 sets of armor in! Great to have you my friend.
  16. Man that is awesome! I have started work on my 5 year olds TD. It is more fun than building for myself. She looks fantastic, you should be proud. Here is the start to our little project.
  17. Hi everyone. After building my last two TK`s I thought I needed a bit of a break. I noticed a few weeks ago that a set of kids armor was available! I have no choice but to start the third set now. I asked my son if he wanted me to build it as a TK or a sandy and he wants it dirty. I received the armor already and began trimming. I also received a move along pack from dirty boy that is so tiny and awesome. I will be posting on the build as I get more stuff together. I do have one question to help get me started. What size cover strips do I use on armor that is for a 5 year old? Any he
  18. I am going to do a run of cards and on the back I would like to include what number EIB and centurion I was. Does anyone know how to track down that information? Thanks a bunch.
  19. Well done Eric. Very fair changes that will improve the overall look of all the troopers and set the bar for Centurion.
  20. Done the same way as the right side Mathias. I had to pull the entire thing off and I redid it. It was not as bad as I thought it would be and I am happy I did it as you both indicated. I also trimmed both sides of the flashing down like you had mentioned. Thanks again for all the help. Tim
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