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  1. Thanks guys now I know what I need to do for Centurion. Let the work begin. Merritt
  2. I will be looking at that more. If I move it would Chicago screws be acceptable versus rivets down the road? I am going to wait of course until told to do so. Merritt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Name: Merritt Hosley TK ID: 15875 User name: Hos1880 South Dakota Central Garrison Armor= RS Helmet= RS Blaster= Hyperfirm Height= 5' 11' Weight= 185 lbs Boots= RS Canvas Belt= RS Hand plates= RS Electronics= iCom, Akers, Memorex wireless, Echo Fans Neck seal= RS Holster= RS Thank you for looking Merritt
  4. Darren greetings I can tell you I have the RS and it is quite comfortable to wear while trooping and they are fantastic people to work with. Merritt
  5. Requesting 501st access Merritt Hosley TK-15875 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=16773&costumeID=124
  6. I am going to echo other comments thank you for the pica as you progress as my kit just arrived and reading this thread and other build threads are most helpful. I want to add the detail the first time. Look forward to your next installment. Merritt
  7. I believe I goofed this should be in another area sorry for that my apologizes Merritt
  8. I have ordered my first armor set, I am waiting on a set from RS. In the meantime I have been reading a lot here. I do believe the helmet kit is stunt and not hero. I would like to set it up for possible EIB as it put it together. I have also been looking into a fan set up and possibly an iComm setup with wireless mic. Other than the obvious measure twice cut once any other tips would be appreciated. Thanks for reading. Merritt
  9. Thank you for the welcome, I live in Sioux Falls, other side of the state. I am gonna enjoy this because I have been working with Kids for 14 years and this is gonna make it better.
  10. Hello my name is Merritt and I live in South Dakota. I became interested in becoming a TK ANH Stormtrooper from meeting some 501st members at Dragon Con 2013( planning on going back in 14 as a TK and hopefully a 501st member). I have been reading a lot on here as a guest and after getting in touch with Central Garrison decided to join here. I am looking at RS and AP armor haven't decided yet. I am also looking into a Doopydoo's E-11 blaster Kit. Any advise would be most helpful and Thank You. Merritt
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