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  1. That looks great, I love what you did with the shoes! One thing that may help is to get a lens for her helmet. I got a flat lens at trooperbay and put it. It’s definitely better than the cloth one rubies has.
  2. I did this for my son and it worked great, until he got too big for it. Anyways I used a Dremel to,gut,the inside but it did take a long time. Instead of using screws to keep it together I used the same techniques I used for my TK. For the arms and legs I glued the pieces together using spare plastic from my TK builds. Then I used snaps to attach the chest and back together as well as the arms and legs. It worked like a charm.
  3. Sorry I should have remembered to include pictures of the helmet. Again this is a Piggy bank I got off of Amazon I did look for another helmet but this was the best I could find and I was told by others that this would work. I cut the bottom off and then cut out the eyes. I then colored the eyes black so it looked good (I just used a sharpie) and then added a lens. I used the same lens I used for my TK which I order from Trooperbay. The lens is just pressure fit inside. It was really easy. I did not fill in the hole for the coins or paint the helmet as the paint did not adhere well to the vinyl of the helmet when I tested it on the scrap. I think it still looks pretty good. Here are some pictures of just the helmet. Again I hope this helps and if you have any improvements please let me know! By the way I used 4 of those rare earth magnets (two on the holster and 2 on the blaster) to make the blaster stay in place. It works pretty good unless he starts walking really fast.
  4. Oh, the calves were just like the traditional clam shell with velcro on the the inside to help hold it closed. They were the most difficult part of the build in my opinion. Again I hope this helps.
  5. Ok here are some pictures. FYI the helmet is the piggy bank I found on amazon and the blaster is the one from the figure, I just extended the handle with some wood and extra plastic I had. I hope this helps!
  6. I recently did this for my son and it was pretty simple. I unscrewed the figured and took apart what I could. I then trimmed off all the black plastic at the joints and I used my lexan scissors and a grinding attatchment on my Drexel to take out all the support plastic inside it. This does take a while to do. To put it back together I used the same methods that is used on my OT TK. I butt jointed the arms and legs together with e 6000 and then installed few few snaps in the chest, shoulder, forearms, and thighs to hold it together. I finished by giving it a custom paint job to make it more accurate and adding some magnets to hold the blaster to the leg where the holster should be. It turned out great!
  7. Hi noop, I am making a first order set for my son as well. What piggy bank did you use for the helmet? I have been looking for one but I can't figure out which bucket would be best. Thanks for the help.
  8. I have one suggestion on the top piece of the bucket. Under the traps instead of having it come to a point, try to round it a little just so that the plastic won't tear. Someone recommended that to me when I was making my bucket and I have not had an issue with it. Just be sure you do not go too high as you want the ear piece to cover those parts up. A rounded file should take care of it with just a few passes.
  9. I saw this as well. Its a bummer as it was one of the few family games that we would play together.
  10. I have not gone basic approval but if you go over the requirements for each level you could make any modifications that are necessary. When I started my build I was shooting for centurion I just have not done the final few steps that are needed. If you look at his information I think he is centurion qualified but the requirements sometimes change over time. Anyways it does layout a great guide to follow and it was a great help to me, the only problems I had was when I painted my helmet. I ended up having to get stencils from trooper bay in order to get it right. Everything else went well and that problem probably as much my fault as anything. There are other great threads out there, this is just the one the helped me the most with my build. <br><br> No matter which you choose to follow take your time and I would suggest looking at multiple threads to see which will work best for you. I would also suggest talking to your local members as no thread can substitute for hands on help if you can get it. <br><br> Good luck!
  11. Pandatrooper had a great one that takes you step by step through the whole build. I used it for my build.
  12. I don't know about they big cost difference as I paid $225 (I think) for my hyper firm and I love it. I know it doesn't have the lights and sounds but it looks great and I am not afraid to let a kids pose with it for a picture as it is darn near indestructible. If a new one does cost $500 just keep an eye on the forums as they get listed every once in a while closer to the amount I mentioned. Be sure to get it when you see it though as they usually don't last too long. I hope this helps.
  13. Mine is my son's birth date. It was a big day for us and he was one of the main reasons I joined. He might like Star Wars even more than I do!
  14. Looks great to me! Was that Luke's light saber that was being handed off or was it Vader's?
  15. Thanks for the great info. I was looking at doing the same setup. I have tried a few different approaches but I keep having problems with the mic and its placement inside the helmet. I will be watching for the test results before I make an order.
  16. I know I'm a little late here but I had to remove and repaint some parts of my helmet and I was told, and used Easy Off Oven cleaner. it needed to stay on for a little while but is was easy to remove and I haven't had any ill effects on the helmet. I hope this helps.
  17. I also wear glasses and I have a smaller pair that work just fine. It just depends on how wide your frames are and how your padding fits in your bucket. I have an ATA and I believe some helmets are bigger than others and that would make a difference as well. Bottom line is I think you can most likely find a way to make them fit. Have fun with your build!
  18. Looks good but make sure all of the teeth are painted. There are a few little spots on the top and bottom that could use a little touch up. The ears turned out great, way to go!
  19. KO22

    Are we weird?

    Like many of you said I also worried about being"weird" for doing this as I am also around 40 but after seeing the kids response I am glad I did it. I work at a elementary school and after I wore my TK for Halloween the first time last year it is amazing how they and many of my co-workers talk about it in a positive light, especially after doing a few troops to help raise money or visiting kids in the hospital. Needless to say it is not considered weird. In fact I think some of them feel a little guilty when I talk about helping others over the weekend while they sat at home. The kids response has been great too. It has been great to have them talk to me about it and how I became a stormtrooper. The kids now also wear Star Wars shirts all the time and claim that they are wearing "my shirt". It blows my mind how proud they are about and how many times they will come in just to show me their new outfits. Parents even came in this Halloween after school just to get a picture of their child with the Stormtrooper. Of course my own kid loves it too. This year I even made our new superintendent feel a little guilty. He wore black with a cone hat and crayola sign. He was so proud to be in school and thought his outfit was good. Then I walked by. The kids a parents immediately came over to me and he said that he will have to do better next year. Pretty funny! Anyways, if all that is "weird" then hell yeah, I'm weird!
  20. I love that helmet but I still like to original better. Plus I wonder how much that thing would weigh since it is all metal. I have a Viking helmet that is made mainly of copper and wearing that thing for a couple of hours for a game can lead to a pain in the neck.
  21. TK approved, requesting 501st access. TK-52108 Central Garrison http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=17532 Thanks
  22. Will do! I will shorten the elastic on the shoulders. I thought that might be an issue. I was also wondering if I should trim the return edge as well. I thought that might help pull it closer. As for the forearms, should all of the return edge be removed from the front of them? And is there a picture I could see anywhere? I really don't want to trim them anymore as I made them about as small as I could without having to reform them for the jointing. I used some foam inside them to keep them snug. Thanks for the suggestions, if there are anymore please let me know.
  23. I thought about that but I saw some others that were not painted. I will most likely do that, thanks for the advice.
  24. I been working on this on and off for over a year and I "think" I am ready apply to become an official member of the empire. I would just like the experts to take a look and let me know if I missed anything. It is an ANH Stunt and I would like to go for EIB approval. Also it is an ATA kit. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here we go! Helmet Armor Strapping Thermal Detonator Sniper plate E-11 (hyperfirm) Thank Again!
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