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  1. Yeah, I agree, but that is a massive jump, from free to $40 per month. Maybe they should of started off with easing us in and slowly increasing the price annually. No way I am paying $40 a month. I lost quite a few personal, very detailed build threads on clonetroopers and BHG forums. Sad, but I deleted all my photos from photobucket and closed my account.
  2. Wow....Thanks for all the kind words. Very Humbling. Thank you.
  3. My E-ll Selector Switch on my Doopy-Doos resin 1:1 scale, snapped off at a troop. Can anyone help me source a replacement? I have been looking for a few months with no luck. Did get a 3D printed one from a guy, but it was not usable. Thanks guys, Bobby
  4. Can someone point me in the right direction? I search for it, but nothing popped up. My F/X armor is starting to yellow just a touch, want to catch it before it needs to be painted. I have a new set of RS coming, but won't get to build it until the summer. Also, Will setting the piece out in the sun work? I hear that it would, but wanted to see if anyone knew for sure. Thanks
  5. Fantastic work. It looked so freaky in the translucent resin.
  6. So, Rob from RS Propmaster sent over his Blaster/holster combo and Shawn sent me my new Blaster; both arrived on the same day. The holster doesn't have a blaster strap. Should it have one?
  7. I got a hold of Shawn, He is send me one asap. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, guys.
  8. Thanks guys, for all the help. I will make some contacts and hopefully pick up a blaster, then go from there.
  9. Does anyone know if the holster pattern for the SE-r14 over on the French forum is accurate? I made a template based on the measurements, but it looks off from the photo of RS Propmasters picture of his holster. I don't have nor can I seem to locate a SE-r14 so I have no way to test the holster to see if the gun fits. Anyone know a maker? Does the SE fit in a E-11 holster? I read that it does, but I am not sure.
  10. Tandy is the best place, ask for a shoulder. It is expensive though, if you are just making one. Check eBay for someone selling a remnant piece. You want something about 16" square to be on the safe side. I can send you a piece big enough for a holster if you have no luck any where else.
  11. Man, I will be glad when all my old holsters are cycled though. It is amazing just how big I was making them last year. Kyle, Send me a PM and I will send you a new strap. Great job on the kit!
  12. All those little details make it come to life. Great work!
  13. Isaac, Thank you for your honest asesment, Brother. My goal was to make a holster that everyone could aford. Much like my wife's $25 neck seals and ATA's TK kits. I fell into both the seals and holsters by accident, really. Started with making them for my squad then my garrision and then, well, 6 years later here I am. Any time a suggestion is made to make the holsters better, I make the change and honestly appriciate the advice. Vern has been a great help in that regard and I thank him for that. I am more into realistic clones and know way more about there specifics than I do my TK. Every holster I make is a little better than the ones before, so if your holster is a year old, i is a little bigger than the new ones. There are simple ways to size it down that anyone can do, just drop me a pm and we can go over them. I ship mine ready to go because I had guys asking for them that way. I will be happy to send the parts only and they can be assembled on the build site. Thanks guys
  14. Darman

    Ebay Holster

    How wide do you say it should be? Were do you get your measurement from? Thanks
  15. Glad to see you submitted. I'll come by and get your holster swapped out as well.
  16. Darman

    Ebay Holster

    Hey Greg, it's cool either way. I will get it on it's way to you. If you need a neck seal, send me a PM and we can put you one in the box and save you on shipping.
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