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  1. Recently had to file a paypal claim. Time came and passed and no response to messages. Shame, I really wanted to get both his ANH and Rogue 1 e11s. Looks like all the rubber blaster makers are gone now.
  2. Nope. It's weird. As soon as the icomm is plugged in there is a constant ringing. If I plug in th ptt cable it goes away.
  3. There is a constant ringing coming thru my aker speaker when the icom is plugged in. It will go away of i plug a much to talk cable in. Any ideas?
  4. Where would you guys recommend to buy foam? Iam looking to tighten up my thigh armor and wanted to try this first. I went by the local michaels and didn't really see anything usable.
  5. TD 93905 requesting access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=26954&costumeID=2
  6. What do you guys think of the new 2017 anovos helmet? Seems they raised the ears and toned down the frown. https://www.anovos.com/collections/star-wars/products/star-wars-imperial-stormtrooper-helmet-accessory
  7. It may sound indeed, silly but anybody got a pic of how they did the velcro?
  8. Would you just cut narrow strips to fit in the grove on the back? Iam using FX armor if that helps.
  9. How do you guys close up the back of the shin armor? Velcro seems like it would fall apart after awhile and its kinda tight for snaps. Any other ideas?
  10. Didnt realize smitty was offering t-track again.
  11. Ha i just did that but on the back section and added a snap to the fabric tab that was already sticking out the back of the boot.
  12. If only i could stick to one, i might actually have a finished costume then. 1.)TD(started as a TK) 2.)327th clone trooper 3.)Jango 4.)USCM from aliens 5.)Praying Mantis PMC from metal gear
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