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  1. Seems like a huge disservice to not allow the hinge on the yolk, especially given some evidence of screen-worn suits having it (maybe level 1 cert?). I've owned a KB kit for years now and between the yolk cracking and the paint, it's in rough shape overall and I rarely want to troop with it. To have to paint and mold these Anovos kits means the same issues. As troopers we would look much better with clean shiny ABS rather than paint IMO and having the hinge means less repairs. I wouldn't say we should compromise accuracy to accommodate for the rigors of trooping, but in this case there is evidence of these modifications. The TD is another story.. it's just not possible to use vacuum formed ABS and have no seams. Not sure the plan there..
  2. You cannot get white armor completed for $350. The newer the armor, the more demand for the armor, the more expensive. I recommend buying the parts slowly. First buy the shoes for example, then the gloves, etc. This will put you in the right direction and you will feel invested. It makes it that much easier to save up for the more expensive parts like armor, assuming you have the income.
  3. What about a scout? Still get the recognition from the public as being a "stormtrooper" but don't have to wear as much plastic.
  4. I am 6 foot 245 lbs and I was maxed out on my Jimmiroquai kit in several areas. As-is the biceps cut off circulation and the chest and back didn't connect under my armpits. The yolk/back and chest is awkward on these kits with how they go together and the TD and abs need to fit under them so that limits space. It feels like fabricating existing kits isn't the answer, more so that a large kit would need to be produced.
  5. I used this and it matched great, but not exact: http://duplicolor.com/product/premium-enamel In the coming weeks I will be testing with some new automotive paints that have more flex and will report back. Currently looking into SEM flexible bumper paints.
  6. Long overdue, please help change me to 501st Stormtrooper http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18750 Thank you!
  7. Thanks Clint. This is exactly what needed to happen, direct comparison with KB's kit.
  8. How is the progress coming? Remember to use a respirator, gloves, and goggles when sanding this stuff. I also had on a cover-all and still got the tingles on some parts of my body.
  9. Wonderful, the free kit was sent to someone who isn't an expert with armor and doesn't have KB's kit. Smart move.
  10. Here is Kev's bicep from a recently received KB kit: From comparison pics alone: The trapezoids look slightly different, seems sharper and smaller on FN's Corners at top and bottom of the seam are sharper on FN's KB's has some curvature at the bottom whereas it is straight on FN's Greeblie indentation is off-center from the seam on all three Nothing groundbreaking that I can see but hope this pic helps.
  11. Then I apologize for accusing the staff. Do those who the staff recommended even have KB's kit?
  12. No one is criticizing the generosity of Peter. We are criticizing that those who received this kit don't even have KB's armor, and those people were recommended by the FISD staff. No one should have to buy both kits since Peter offered to send some out, but the poor decisions from you and the rest of the staff involved prolonged this process and put the armor in the wrong hands.
  13. Sounds like someone is getting free armor, and that someone doesn't even have KB's armor. Sorry, but this is starting to look like the "experts in examining armor" provided by the staff are nothing more than friends of the staff that are getting hooked up with free armor. Donating to a friend is not donating, the word "donate" should not be used here. He is giving it to a friend, girlfriend, what have you, so don't try to spin this as a some moral charity donation. Funny how FISD wants to be involved in recommending where these kits go, but hands off when those people abuse the process here. This is embarrassing for all of us at FISD. As a detachment either get involved or don't get involved in the process, but don't use the FISD staff card to recommend where the kits go and then not stand behind the abuse those kit receivers are clearly showing.
  14. If Kevin is sending you parts then great, but seems inefficient. I still don't see any reason to actually build the armor. 5 kits or however many he sent over is too many. One kit would have been enough to compare side by side with Kev's.<br><br> What about this thread? Seems like people are raising similar concerns but getting redirected back here. He's also building the armor for a friend. So much for donating?<br> <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/38043-fnarmour-build-thread/'>http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/38043-fnarmour-build-thread/</a><br><br> I'm not trying to give you guys a hard time but come on guys.. We have two kits so far provided for free to guys who don't own the armor that's in question. Probably should have planned that better. I think we all want to quickly get to a resolution here.
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