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  1. I've been gone a long time and just logged in to find a pm, and I'm glad I did!!!! This is amazing work, and I will definitely be looking it over more than once. Thank you !
  2. Am I missing something ? I haven't received the under suit yet. No email notice, no Fedex notice on my door, nothing. I already have gloves and silicone hand guards, but I at least want to see the suit in person...
  3. eFX is no longer relevant... It's been asleep going on four years now...
  4. I only own an unfinished Anovos kit, but I almost bought a RS two years ago. For the $380 I'm tickled. But that RS is still beautiful, but then again the price... I think all three have good qualities. This is a lot of fun though, actually working on it. Perhaps it will replace my Indy obsession which includes about four and a half complete variation Raiders sets
  5. Congrats! It's masterful. It looks absolutely real in all those details.
  6. Wow, I will never understand search features on forums.... Input just airsoft and nothing found. Anyway, after staring at deactivated sterlings, I can see the several short comings this has. Thanks guys!
  7. I have not found any information here on this product, is it not worth converting? http://www.evike.com/products/50076/
  8. I'm not giving any input on the ongoing creation of this. But, I was thinking how crazy it is that they all seem different? I would imagine it its a found part? Why on earth would they take time to create this for troops when you never see it? I can understand the Han and Luke...it makes the armor more interesting with helmet off...but regular troops? Is it part of the black under suit?
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