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  1. I can't confirm that this is 100% accurate until I receive it but I just ordered via (800) 362-4533 an "Star Wars imperial blaster" Part# 400009120806 $24.95 + $9.99 shipping in the US. After about a week I can confirm if it's the correct and new blaster or not.
  2. I can't get any closer without head butting lol.
  3. Oh I've thought of it but haven't the slightest idea of where to start looking or how to create my own. I currently use 2 squirrel fans from tk-4261.
  4. Old thread. I hope no one minds I resurrect. I am looking for any additional ideas and advice for being able to hear with bucket on. I have such a hard time hearing with fans running in my helmet during troops and it's very annoying.
  5. TK-4658 requesting access: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=13896
  6. Weird question of the day. Did you ever have to drive somewhere in your armor? Is it even possible? I would love to see a picture of a Stormtrooper helmet and all driving a car just once, haha.
  7. I'm 5'7". I'll probably get this line thrown at me, im sure some of you have before, what's your favorite comeback?
  8. Just changed name from JediRM80 to tkRyno

  9. Thanks for the advice guys! It's funny how even this little task requires certain know-how to get it right.
  10. What paint do you recommend for the thermal detonator. I've seen instructions for a dark gray. Is there a particular color number or brand I should look for? Thanks in advance.
  11. Since I'm still new, I feel I may have missed out on some great runs of shirts and whatnot. Anything currently available or upcoming?
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