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  1. I'm in for 2! Thanks for the notification!
  2. Happy Anniversary and CONGRATS to the founders of the FISD! You've helped me and many others fulfill a lifetime dream...THANK YOU!
  3. TK 53016 requesting 501 access to order trading cards. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21617 Thanks!
  4. Greeting Troopers... I wanted to first and foremost thank you all for your advice and guidance. I just received my approval email from the Garrison Carida! A special THANK YOU to UKSWRATH, WDUNHAM & DASH RAZOR for all of their posts on the backpack as I modeled mine after the game screen captures. They came in handy not only in the build process but the approval process as well. Below are some of my submission photos.... Look forward to meeting you all on troops! Michael (aka...Duda Duck)
  5. I'll be interested as well...hoping to have my HWT finished in a couple more months.
  6. Thanks guys! I'm getting close with it...I'll post pics soon.
  7. Hello Troopers...<br> I have a question that I've been debating since I started my pack...what's the best way to attach the side tube....cut a hole in the back of the pack and use a Molly/Toggle<br> Bolt? That's the only way that makes sense to me at this point. Do any of you have any other suggestions? What methods have you used? Thanks in advance!
  8. Now I'm more confused because when looking at the CRL, the model wearing the suit at the top of the page doesn't seem to have the antenna but when you scroll down the page to the pack by itself, then it does. Are both being approved then? Sorry for all my newbie questions but I just want to get it right....Thanks!
  9. Hi..<br> I'm working on my pack as I'm waiting for my suit kit to be delivered....In my research I'm seeing some HWT packs with antennas but in the screen captures of the BF2 packs I've seen, they don't seem to have them. I like the look of the antenna but I want to make sure I get approved on my first submission. Should I leave it off since I don't see an antenna in the CRL? Thoughts?...and thanks in advance!
  10. Hi Andy...<br> I'm in the North Hills near Gibsonia. I'm about 20 minutes from McKnight Rd.
  11. Greeting exalted ones... I'm a new cadet and I have just ordered an AM full kit. As of now, I've been told that it's expected to ship in mid January....I'll keep you posted on when it's received. In speaking with my advisor, he mentioned that there are a couple of you in the local Pittsburgh, PA area that hold frequent build sessions. Is this something that I could be a part of? I'd like to have some guidance and do this right the first time, since I am new to this. I will be making a HWT. Thanks...look forward to hearing from you.
  12. Greetings exalted one...thank you for this post, it is very helpful. I just received my cadet email today and this is great for a newbie that feels a little overwhelmed. Thanks!
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