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  1. tk709

    RIP Stan Winston

    What, now that is really sad news. What a great loss to the SPFX industry.
  2. tk709

    FISD at SWW

    My fiance', and I will be there this weekend. This will be my first time. Looking forward to it.
  3. I am 5' 10" at 188, and the armor fits me pretty good.
  4. Does anyone know the color paint they used for the traps and tears for the ESB helmet.
  5. Wow!, that is quite impressive.
  6. Looking good! I remember making my first cut in the AP armor. Scary business. Keep up the good work.
  7. I say we ban "banning"
  8. O.K., This is how I see it............TE pointed out a recast helmet on Ebay. Use that info to buy it or not, up to the individual. Recast=bad! We all know that. Stop the drama. Let's get back to our regularly scheduled program.
  9. A question: What is the maximum gap between the kidney and ab plate. I don't want to put a piece between them. It just doesn't look right to me ( I would rather have the gap).
  10. It looks like a recast earlier version of the AP. The dome is a little narrower than the TE's and the tumblehome(sp)? matches the one on my AP. Although the bump in the eye isn't as prominent as it is on the AP's.
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