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  1. I actually have all the stuffed pulled out too...hmmm I think I'll try it.
  2. Very nice indeed, congrats on getting your TKID
  3. Thought I would share my latest project roughly 95% complete... The bucket is one I've been working on for months...it's completely scratch built and has a significant way to go...
  4. The 70th Explorers and Midwest Garrison are teaming up to troop the 3d Annual Walk for Wishes at the St Claire Square Mall in Fairview Heights IL (thats about 15 min east of St Louis) We will be a part of the children's Funstop Scavenger Hunt. If any trooper is interested in attending (even is you are not official yet) drop me a line. As a part of this event we are trying to also do the sponsored walk portion called the Adopt-a-Wish Challenge. The basic gist is trying to raise $5000 to literally sponsor one child's wish. If we are successful the 501st will be named as the sponsor of that wish and we will recieve a framed picture of the child we sponsored. If you are interested in helping out with that endeavor please let me know.
  5. John, I live across the river in Belleville IL. We are trooping a Make-a-Wish event at the St Claire Square Mall in Fairview Hieghts on 7 Mar if you want to attend let me know. Welcome to the Fight!!!! Good job trooper!
  6. I do alot of staring at folks like I know they are up to no good. I then usually bark "move along" or the how long have you had...I like to stand guard at door ways, point at people etc. I always wave at the kids, babies included and usually holster my weapon when interacting with children. folks also like to see troopers doing things that normal people do because it's comical. One time I push my middle son around in his stroller, alot of folks took photos.
  7. Thanks boss, I'm honored by the award...
  8. Happy New Year to my brothers in arm...here's to another year of serving the Empire !!!!
  9. Welcome to the Fight!!! I'm in Belleville IL about 15 min from St Louis how far is Wentzville?
  10. Definitely peeked my interest now I have to go check...
  11. Congrats Paul...it truly shows your dedication and passion...you are the man!
  12. I meant an older MR...I have a CE but you are right any MR would of had better symmetry.
  13. Wow that looks great...has anyone identified what kind of FX this was??? The top of the head is definitely FX but the vocoder as part of the mold...maybe a cast of an MR or Rubies for the face plate?
  14. Marvinrobot

    A crazy dad?

    Definitely keeping that in mind...though I think little girls are more prone to "breaking off"
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