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  1. cr4nky

    My ESB Boba Fett

    Just came home from the troop today, and it was awesome! Boba stole all the attention, I had people around me all the time. It was a totally different experience than going as a TK. You´re like a star in those hero-costumes. Here´s me and my niece who poppet by to say hello:
  2. cr4nky

    My ESB Boba Fett

    that looks great brother! Nicely done! It´n on it´s way for it´s first troop today.
  3. cr4nky

    My ESB Boba Fett

    I have to agree on the rifle, the ROTJ one is better looking. But the ESB helmet, gaunts, cape, and jp look better. But it´s all ones own preference. It´s still Boba, and he´s still "da man"
  4. cr4nky

    My ESB Boba Fett

    Thanks guys! There are several tutorials on www.thedentedhelmet.com on how to paint the armor. I didn´t find it all too difficult, the helmet was the most challenging, but not difficult only time consuming
  5. cr4nky

    My ESB Boba Fett

    Hey! The helmet is BM and the armor is FP. I´ve done all the painting and weathering myself except for the gauntlets. The boots are Jango Wes from the first run I think. I decided to not pimp out the helmet like I did with my TK, this time it´s all about comfort and practicality. And I don´t think I´ll get any goodwill from my wife if I start a ROTJ next year, so no, not in the plans for now:)
  6. cr4nky

    C this 3PO

    It had a hefty price tag as well...the reserve was set at $5500.... Sell your house and you may have it:)
  7. Hey guys! Haven´t been in here in a long while after I finished my EIB ANH stunt stormtrooper. It´s been a busy year after finishing it, and all my spare building time has gone into completing The Fett! It has been a long and expensive trip, but it was worth every hour end dollar! So, I thought I´d stop by and show you what I´ve been doing. Here he is (bare in mind that it´s the first time my wife helped me put it on, so things are a little crooked here and thee)!
  8. Looks good! You couldalso just pick the FX-one apart and turn it inside out, that's what I did. I also got a righthanded version.
  9. I cut some off both the butt and kidney to make it fit just right. Start slow and test, test, test to get it right.
  10. And the fact that I'd have to loose at least 15-20kg to make elite if this where the case, and we couldn't have that!!
  11. I use an FX holster, but in addition to modding the mounting to the belt, I had to turn it inside out since mine was constructed wrong.
  12. That´s one awesome MR lid! As a TX it totally owns the FX in any way!! I´m suddenly tempted to get me another one....
  13. I only filed the teeth bigger and opened the last tooth on each side, so I got the correct number of teeth. That's all that was needed.
  14. Yeah, but I@m saying that if you want it too look good (stormtrooper that is) I suggest using an airbrush in stead of a rattlecan... It´s easier to get it too look good. And my experience with painting the white stuff, was that it wasn´t hard, I didn´t find Boba hard either.
  15. I experienced painting the helmet as easy at least. I guess a lot of it comes down to what techniques and paints you use also. I would never use a rattlecan again after trying airbrush at least. And, if you get runs and droplets with an airbursh, it's probably because you wanted to make them as opposed to when painting with rattlecans. :-)
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