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  1. It had a hefty price tag as well...the reserve was set at $5500.... Sell your house and you may have it:)
  2. Looks good! You couldalso just pick the FX-one apart and turn it inside out, that's what I did. I also got a righthanded version.
  3. I cut some off both the butt and kidney to make it fit just right. Start slow and test, test, test to get it right.
  4. And the fact that I'd have to loose at least 15-20kg to make elite if this where the case, and we couldn't have that!!
  5. I use an FX holster, but in addition to modding the mounting to the belt, I had to turn it inside out since mine was constructed wrong.
  6. That´s one awesome MR lid! As a TX it totally owns the FX in any way!! I´m suddenly tempted to get me another one....
  7. I only filed the teeth bigger and opened the last tooth on each side, so I got the correct number of teeth. That's all that was needed.
  8. Yeah, but I@m saying that if you want it too look good (stormtrooper that is) I suggest using an airbrush in stead of a rattlecan... It´s easier to get it too look good. And my experience with painting the white stuff, was that it wasn´t hard, I didn´t find Boba hard either.
  9. I experienced painting the helmet as easy at least. I guess a lot of it comes down to what techniques and paints you use also. I would never use a rattlecan again after trying airbrush at least. And, if you get runs and droplets with an airbursh, it's probably because you wanted to make them as opposed to when painting with rattlecans. :-)
  10. I'd probably go for a TE2 if I changed my FX for something. But I don't have the build for it, not all the parts at least. As for painting, this is just my personal opinion, but painting a kit all white can't be THAT hard. I was a bit scared when painting my MRCE lid, but it was easy. And after painting a layered, topically weathered Boba chest armor, I can't see that painting all white is too difficult.
  11. Hi Kenneth! I´m afraid neither Rustoleum nor Krylon is available here in Norway. I´d consider doing it with an airbrush, then you can testmatch whites til you find the one that matches the best.
  12. Yeah, ROTJ started out as my favourite, but after hours of research and squinting at photo after photo, ESB has turned out to be the one I like the best as well. And our garrison already has two ROTJ´s and two more on the way (would have been three if I hadn´t changed my mind).
  13. cr4nky has decided to go ESB, so now I´ve sanded down my paintjob :-S Sanding it is harder work than painting it, that´s for sure!
  14. Yes, it's PVC foamboard. Nope, just dip it in cold water, sand and then paint. Easy as pie!
  15. Cool! I´ll share some more updates when I have them
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