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  1. guys - I am guiding a new trooper to my Garrison through a TLJ build at the moment. whilst correctly worded here on FISD - there is direct contradiction in the CRL on the main website for the TLJ TD also the main pic of the CRL is wrong do you think we can get this changed? Nate
  2. I know CRL is WIP at the moment. But was wondering if the LMO clearance on the costumes already cleared - allowed for clearance WITHOUT a helmet? Or was is Bucket On only? Nate
  3. rofl - tbh I dont often troop TK any more - I mostly do clones but its sitting there all sad on its own, and I am sure there will be some TK only events coming up soon. may be you are right though, so easy to get a nice kit now...... Ta for feedback Nate
  4. Yep. Helmet definately changed. Was thinking about the armour. Saw the thread on making fx EIB. Ab buttons check. Any other advice?
  5. Hi. Long time since i've posted! Recently acquired some old original fx armour. Is this still ok for basic 501sr clearance? 1. Gonna change belt to canvas and remount the belt piece 2. Split kidney and butt ---------------- And of course all the basic armour fitting bits Thanks guys
  6. 501st access pls I actually have just cleared a TK - but my main 501st page hasnt been updated yet http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=12547
  7. right mathias - sorted cleared for trooping (finally!!)
  8. strapping tightened up swapped out for my very modified MR CE from years ago
  9. some rough fitting tonight - quite pleased, few things to sort out, but definately getting there havent done the strapping for the ab/kidney and the chest/back or round the bells yet. Bit of tightening up here and there
  10. yep - that was the plan - as mentioned before - this was a 2nd hand side, so the back seam was already glued together. I thought that if I was gonn ahve to mod to get the thighs to fit, then I would open on the inside, where the join would be the least noticeable completed and painted now: if you angle it just right, with the lighting just casting a shadow, you can see the join more painting ab buttons - humbrol no. 5 and no 14 assembling the belt TD getting there now
  11. yes yes - a necro post, but its my own thread!! after meandering to clones, I am back working on this fine kit. some things I learnt from clone builds carried across - thighs need widening - so split, extend and smooth extensions built and rivets heads in paint: I love rustoleum gloss!!
  12. AFAIK - for the longest time, Halfords Appliance Gloss White was the paint to use in UK the finish never looks as good as the one frmo Rustoleum though ..... very intersting with teh paint you foudn though, I might just go and get myself some to have a go. might want to think of a lacquer as well - although opinions are mixed on this one Nate
  13. wow? really? hey Andy - no drama, think my recasting stance is stated from before mate, but this aint abt that. I really cant keep up with TK politics any more - CAP is ok this week then? pm on its way. Nate
  14. hey Adam =- you'd be surprised how many NE troopers there are mate ;P loads of helmets are acceptable - yeesh even that one will be cool is another thing mate ;P people know my views on vendors so I will say - AP or TE2 it aint right or wrong - its just my personal view
  15. I know a few of the UK vendors mate - but not heard of this guy how long ago did you pick it up? piccies would help too
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