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  1. sodala der hopps is nebst anhang gesund und erfolgreich im neuen jahr angekommen nun gehts darum die guten vorsätze umzusetzen und dem ziel wieder ein wenig näher zu kommen weiterhin gesund zu bleiben und so gut es geht darauf zu achten nicht krank zu werden dem erfolg auch weiterhin auf die sprünge zu helfen immer mehr zeit für die wichtigen dinge im leben zu gewinnen, was wir jetzt mehr durch wandlung der aufdiktierten arbeitszeit in freiwillige arbeitszeit angehen werden ich wünsch euch allen eure träume in ziele zu wandeln und diese aktiv anzugehen grüßle euer hopps
  2. material is more important than thickness
  3. nice pic wooow this looks like a fu..ing big sucker machine ;-)
  4. holy sh.t this is the most accurate strapping so far i love it thumps up the bar is getting higher
  5. nothing to do with the assambling here the cap´n´back from the ATA is slightly smaller than on my CAP or NGB
  6. my ATA is smaller than my CAP helmet
  7. i have a couple of buckets from different makers my number 1 is the older CAP he doesn´t make any helmets today but CAP-W is the new owner of the molds my ata helmet is the smallest of all pitfon from france sells good buckets on ebay. they´re well made PT is offering 4 types of buckets with good quality i´m very pleased with these helmets and they are in a realy nice pricerange going to buy a MOT helmet it´s the cheapest of all and his actual build is lookin very good also i´ll try to get my hands on a DA helmet from UK ok the recast thing but i´m a collector of different helmets from different makers and all of them have their personal note on their helmets i have other buckets too but they aren´t in the pricerange for this topic so i wouldn´t loose some words
  8. no MFX totaly different shape or another newer build or cast or something else *lol* imo could be a DA armor. never lookt etailed into his products
  9. it needs definitly new ears but rest of the bucket is great some aereas need small work but it´s the best replica i´ve ever seen FO the lineage that is a killer bucket
  10. i believe this crazy pilot is doing such things all day these three gays ... ähm guys are hot
  11. the original music of this clip was I´m too sexy from RSF but it´s not allowed by law to use it here and cleared by youtube
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