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  1. I chose mine with my lucku number in mind. 9433 was the only one available when I joined with 33 in it. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you. I'm still sort of new to all this. I appreciate it.
  3. My elections tab doesn't have any detatchments in it (granted I am only a TK so I would only have 1) but who do I talk to aboot that?
  4. What a great looking new skin for the forums. Great job guys! Looks fantastic!
  5. Better than the Eastern Erupean attempt at a SW Adult parody called Porn Wars. That one was actually a trilogy as well. They had Jodi's and Seth in theirs ha ha.
  6. Requesting 501st access. TK 9433, just got approved TODAY! 18-Nov-2011. What a great day so far. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=13827
  7. Thanks Spectre, IT'S OFFICIAL!!!!! TK 9433 Reporting for Duty!
  8. Xaoslord, I gotta say, it felt great. I have trooped with this kit a couple of times before I took the pics, just to get a feel for it, and see what I can do to work on the armor pinches and thing of that nature, so technically, this wasn't my first time suiting up. But it was one of the better feelings getting approval pics taken. I'm still awaiting for the final OK from the powers that be, but it's fun to do this, and I am already looking into my next build. I caught the bug. And Darksideemt, Funny you should say that. normally they hang a bit lower. The squad leader in my area adjusted them a bit for me when I was standing there for a better pic, so they normally don't sit up that high when I am actually trooping. But if it gets me approved, I am happy!
  9. Hi, Finished my kit, here are my submittle pics. Apparently they are too dark ha ha. Need to see if they are still approvable.
  10. Belt is almost done! Just the thermal detonator to do, and pics of that drying below. The ammo boxes are on, snaps are on for the plastic front, everything is coming together. So here is where I stand right now. Getting ready for a huge build day. I am building with Tom Parsons, also going to get a hold of John and Colin to see what we can work out today on my ab plate problem. Alright, so here we go for today, Lots of pictures to come tonight as I get things working.
  11. Alright, So fixed some things, and got my holster in the belt. Aluminum pop rivets used... good call. SO here are pics, I hurt my back on Thursday, so I haven't been able to do much. I am starting to work on the thermal detenator tomorrow. Bought all the rivets, the grey PVC, and have everything ready for gluing. So here are the most recent pics. I pulled off the black straps off the ammo boxes and changed them to white. Glad I read a tutorial and learned me some info before just finishing up the belt.
  12. So my blaster is complete. Sorry I don't have more pics, but I have as much as I am going to have now. Maybe more on the next one. But for now, I was in a time crunch and really didn't have that much time to be taking pictures. I just needed to finish.
  13. Congradulations! I'm happy for you. Let's just hope I can finish mine ha ha. Sweet job on the belt too by the way. Glad it all worked out.
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