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Pualdrons? When, where?

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1 hour ago, giskard8 said:

TFA Snowie has one, makes them an easy pick on snow.

True as do the TFA/TLJ/TROS Stormtroopers, but back in 2009 (when this thread was posted) there wasn't even a hint of new movies or troopers ;) 

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Though I understand that it was produced years after the original date of this post, I have always looked to the Rebels television series for canon examples of clean TKs wearing pauldrons-- and in a variety of colors at that. Nevertheless, I understand that the animated version of the armor is categorized by itself in a separate CRL, and it thus isn't technically permissible for a movie-derived OT TK to wear a pauldron.


Though I would never wear one to an LFL troop, I'd be lying if I said that I haven't worn an orange pauldron on occasion to relatively more low-profile troops. I don't make a habit of it, but it can be a nice touch if no sandtroopers are present and there is a group of TKs slated to be at the troop. 


I do not have a strong opinion one way or another, and I understand many disregard the animated shows according to their own, valid preferences, but since it has not been mentioned in this thread yet, I thought I'd compile the following screengrabs from Star Wars Rebels







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